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Sajin Rajan, Co-founder, and Director at Epixel solutions is an enthusiastic business professional with 10+ years of experience in software development.
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  • 3651 Lindell Rd., Suite D1050, Las Vegas, Nevada 89103
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Owning an IT company with 100+ employees was a dream. With strong determination and planning, the dream has become a reality with Epixel Solutions. Our flagship product, Epixel MLM software, became More
Added on 29 July 2021
The direct selling business world is a thriving industry. Customer acquisition and retention are the key to success in an increasingly competitive market. It is vital for companies to understand their customers, identify customer needs, and use that knowledge to build trust with customers through personalization. With the rise in online shopping and increasing competition, it has become more difficult to retain customers. As a result, direct selling companies have been investing in strategies (https://www.epixelmlmsoftware.com/use-cases/customer-acquisition ) that can keep

Added on 27 July 2021
Network marketing is a successful business model that is built upon independent distributors and together with their effort, your business can reach the next levels. Many network marketing companies today are so focused on their products and services that they forget about the most important thing in their business: people. Without motivated, happy distributors, a company cannot succeed. Building a team in network marketing is difficult. There are so many different personalities and people that need to be managed. This

Added on 20 July 2021
The direct selling industry is a fast-paced and dynamic field, where new companies pop up every day while others are going out of business or shutting down their operations altogether.
Let’s look at the top direct selling trends that you should be on the lookout for in 2021. These are some new trends that companies should keep an eye on this year to make sure they're staying ahead of the competition.

Explore 100+ direct selling trends from - https://www.epixelmlmsoftware.com/blog/trends-to-explore-in-direct-selling

Customer-Centric Recognition Program: The

Added on 13 July 2021
The way that direct selling businesses attract and convert leads has changed over the years. It's no longer about sending a sales team on the road to meet with prospects face-to-face. Instead, it's all about using new technology to draw in potential customers. Lead generation is the process of capturing the interest of people in a product nurturing them and converting it into a customer. Distributors also play a vital role in attracting new customers. With this approach, direct selling

Added on 12 July 2021
Direct Selling is a popular industry in which the distribution of products/services is done through a network of distributors. So it is a true fact that distributors are the important person in the direct selling business. Distributors can find a lot of success in this business, but they need to understand what it takes to earn an income as a distributor and also how they are going to succeed at making others successful too. As a distributor, one should always

Added on 28 June 2021
Direct selling is a vast industry with a large number of distributors. One way to be successful in the direct selling business is to build a strong distributor network. A distributor is the main reason why a company grows. A good distributor network is important in the direct selling business. There are different ways to enhance your distributor engagements (https://www.epixelmlmsoftware.com/blog/top-ways-to-distributor-engagement).

Distributors are the biggest stakeholders in the product or service that you offer. They play a key role in

Added on 21 June 2021
In the COVID-19 pandemic era, there was a significant global market slowdown. This is when many direct selling organizations realized that they need to change their business approach if they want to stay in business. They found out that a customer-centric approach (https://www.epixelmlmsoftware.com/blog/customer-centricity-in-direct-selling ) will put them back in business and help them recover from the economic downturn.
The Direct Selling ( https://www.thebalancesmb.com/what-is-direct-selling-1794391 ) industry has been evolving since its inception. With the new approach towards business, we take a

Added on 14 June 2021
Direct selling companies are an old, yet surprisingly new industry. The ability to serve customers without the compromises of a traditional retail store is what sets direct sellers apart from their brick and mortar counterparts. However, it is not just that basic customer service that has been expanded with new technology. Today's entrepreneurs in this space have unprecedented opportunities to provide their customers with personalized services like never before all while avoiding many of the limitations inherent in other channels.


Added on 02 June 2021
The most strenuous part of any #mlmbusiness is the commission calculation process. A digit this side or that side of the decimal can be devastating to your business.
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Added on 21 May 2021
How confident are you with your current compensation plan?
How is it going to drive your MLM business after 10 years?
What will happen to your business with an increase in distributor growth?

Eliminate your anxieties and confusions. Prep yourself up for a new beginning.

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