Dhanesh Haridas
Posted on 23 November at 02:22PM
Direct selling is a successful business model since 1800. Even though the direct selling industry always have a negative image among the people, the industry has opened a lot of opportunities. The success of a direct selling organization thrives on the sole basis of self-motivated distributors who will be able to persuade and convince other people to buy their products. These distributors hold an important place in the direct selling organization.

The success of network marketing business depends on how many

Dhanesh Haridas
Posted on 13 August at 04:19AM
Network marketing is a booming industry where the products are distributed through independent distributors where they can earn a handsome income. These distributors can earn a handsome income through these marketing model. The distributors can earn a commission for the sales they made as well as for the sales their downlines make. So the network marketing entrepreneur should assure that they have a proper commission system to pay these distributors. But as the network of distributors gets expanded, it would

Sajin Rajan
Posted on 20 July at 02:17PM
The direct selling industry is a fast-paced and dynamic field, where new companies pop up every day while others are going out of business or shutting down their operations altogether.
Let’s look at the top direct selling trends that you should be on the lookout for in 2021. These are some new trends that companies should keep an eye on this year to make sure they're staying ahead of the competition.

Explore 100+ direct selling trends from - https://www.epixelmlmsoftware.com/blog/trends-to-explore-in-direct-selling

Customer-Centric Recognition Program: The

Sajin Rajan
Posted on 14 May at 04:50PM
5.1 million people found entrepreneurship opportunities in the direct selling industry.

Among the 5.1 million, those who successfully stand apart, that too for years together, is a real accomplishment. Getting far ahead in the direct selling career needs hard work, determination, and commitment.

All YOU need for that is a little encouragement.

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Sajin Rajan
Posted on 08 April at 02:42PM
Technology has revamped the direct selling space with new ways to interact, purchase and learn. With a new way of shopping option - online shopping - that came with technology, the direct selling business model ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Direct_selling ) is seeing a lot of opportunities. Technology can help the direct selling industry in bridging the gap between people.

A Direct Selling Education Foundation (DSeF) study found that the use of technology in your direct selling business enhances your business capabilities (

Sajin Rajan
Posted on 02 April at 03:54PM
Direct selling digs deeper into the root of your personality brewing and transforming it into a more vibrant one. The opportunities in direct selling are such that the moment you become a direct seller, the more open your outlook becomes towards life, society and your inner self.

How does direct selling fuel your personality transformation?

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Sajin Rajan
Posted on 26 March at 09:20AM
How huge is your workforce? How are you planning to rebuild your salesforce?

Got ideas?

Take a look at the top 10 direct selling companies listed according to the size of their workforce. It would have taken years of experience and research for the companies to build and retain.

Facts like these are a credible source of knowledge that adds essence to your industry experience. Interested in more?


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Posted on 25 March at 12:39PM
Suppose you want to reach out to a broader customer base and create a better brand association in the direct selling market. In that case, you need to train your sales force regarding following guidelines while promoting your company's products and services. As per the Direct Selling Self-Regulatory Council (DSSRC), companies must not make conflicting claims while advertising their products and services ( https://www.epixelmlmsoftware.com/blog/dssrc-guidance-on-earnings-claims ).

Similarly, when it comes to training their sales force for direct sales, business managers cannot

Sajin Rajan
Posted on 22 March at 02:03PM
Do you know your Audience? Are they

Baby Boomers?
Gen Xers?
Gen Zers?

Knowing your group is the mainstay of developing your business. In products, content or approach, each group has diverse attitudes. Knowing the right approach will take your business to new dimensions.

Look at the diverse age groups in #directselling and the statistics they deliver is pretty exciting!!!


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Sajin Rajan
Posted on 18 February at 05:52PM
Knowledge establishes a strong foundation for you to establish yourself. #DirectSelling is a huge domain with unexplored and unending technological possibilities. Whether a newbie or a veteran in the industry, you still might have missed on something that really needs your attention. Something you didn’t know or something you might have overlooked.

Do not let ignorance hinder your growth. Illuminate your knowledge and enhance your direct selling experience with extensively researched and presented articles about the trends over time and the