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Sajin Rajan, Co-founder, and Director at Epixel solutions is an enthusiastic business professional with 10+ years of experience in software development.
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  • 3651 Lindell Rd., Suite D1050, Las Vegas, Nevada 89103
Added on 14 June 2021
Direct selling companies are an old, yet surprisingly new industry. The ability to serve customers without the compromises of a traditional retail store is what sets direct sellers apart from their brick and mortar counterparts. However, it is not just that basic customer service that has been expanded with new technology. Today's entrepreneurs in this space have unprecedented opportunities to provide their customers with personalized services like never before all while avoiding many of the limitations inherent in other channels.

Direct selling news, launched a customer-centric recognition program that announced some direct selling companies as winners (https://www.epixelmlmsoftware.com/blog/dsn-ccr-companies ) for their customer-centric approach and also to prioritize sales experience. The rewarded companies were categorized into two. Platinum and gold category.
These companies were classified by analyzing the customer-distributor ratio of the direct selling companies. The gold categorized companies were those having a ratio of 5:1 and platinum categorized companies were having 10:1.

Direct selling (https://www.thebalancesmb.com/what-is-direct-selling-1794391 ) companies have been under the shades of suspicion for decades now. There are many who believe that these direct selling companies are just out to take people's money, promising riches in return. Many studies show that this is not the case at all. The majority of those who do participate in direct sales find it a rewarding experience that can change their lives in more ways than one.

The companies that achieved the gold status are MONAT GLOBAL, Neora, Perfectly Posh, and Total Life Changes. These companies have 5-10 customers to one distributor. The platinum category companies are ACN, Bhip Global, It Works, Stream/Kynect, Nu Skin (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nu_Skin_Enterprises ), Le-Vel, and Scentsy are those having 10 or more customers to one or more distributors.

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