• Customer Management

    Manage your contacts to increase efficiency
    • Organize your Contacts and Prospects
    • Manage tasks, meetings, notes and more
    • Get 360° view of your customer
    • Find full history of Interactions
    • See all customer activity in one place
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  • Lead Management

    Manage and Follow-Up with Leads in One Place
    • Organize the Sales Process with Ease
    • Convert promising leads to deals faster
    • Measure the effectiveness of marketing
    • Ensure proper follow-up to stay on track
    • Increase sales velocity of your business
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  • Sales Pipeline

    • Create multiple sales pipeline
    • Organise, track and win more deals
    • Never lose a deal due to missed followup
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  • Task Management

    Simple & Visual Task Management Tool
    • Keep track of your tasks in real time
    • Monitor who's doing what at a glance
    • Centralize communication in one place
    • Gain important insights of your work
    • Share notes, feedback, ideas and more
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  • Email Marketing

    Easily create highly engaging Email campaigns
    • Upload contacts to create segmented lists
    • Save time with autoresponder & automation
    • Send emails instantly or schedule for later
    • Nurture leads through personalized content
    • Your emails will look great on every device
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  • SMS Marketing

    Create the most effective Bulk SMS Campaigns
    • Easily schedule and send personalized SMS
    • Upload contacts, organise them with lists
    • Save time by creating SMS templates
    • Embed links for campaign effectiveness
    • Track delivery status of every SMS you send
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