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Added on 28 September 2020
Artificial intelligence is constantly emerging and becoming one of the most popular technologies of all time. The term AI was coined in 1955, by John McCarthy. Back then, nobody through this tech to gain such huge popularity. But not, AI-based advancements are picking up the pace and becoming the talk of the town. Many of the businesses are trying to embrace their tech by discovering the best possible way.

Here we have mentioned a list of industries that can relish

Added on 07 August 2020
Popular VR Apps For Kids You Can Take Inspiration From Technologies like VR are full of exciting opportunities that can initiate global transformation. But it is up to you to reap the benefits of the same. So step on the bandwagon and relish the perks.

Added on 30 July 2020
Flutter Use For Startups The spell of technology has engulfed the world around us beautifully, where it not just provides the immersive experience but also brings comfort and convenience to the maximum.

Added on 15 April 2020
Conceptualize Your Business In Dubai On A Shoestring Budget There are multiple factors that are associated with starting with a business, and if you want to make it successful, then you need to consider a few of the facts, that are going to be covered in this post.

Added on 13 April 2020
On-Demand Delivery App; Stopping The Coronavirus Spread Coronavirus is highly contagious and has no treatment available! This information is sufficient for anyone to step back, and don't move out. But you cannot ignore the need for daily requirements...

Added on 04 April 2020
Features Of A Tow Truck App Your Cannot Ignore! Are you looking to create a tow truck app for better revenue generation? If yes, then here are a few features that your app needs to have. Take a look!

Added on 01 April 2020
5 Techniques Any E-commerce Platform Must Embrace | Techugo The world is relishing the advancements caused because of technology. The evolution of e-commerce has brought convenience to users from all over the world. The internet has streamlined the complications that were clinging on to online shopping.

Added on 24 March 2020
IoT is Delivering Business Advantages in Manufacturing Do you want to know IoT is delivering multiple benefits in the manufacturing sector? Then sit back and keep reading further to upsurge the knowledge graph!

Added on 24 September 2019
Virtual Reality Apps For Kids - A Profitable Investment In 2019 A multisensory experience through virtual reality can bring more users on your application. Though you need to hire a deft mobile app development company like Techugo.

Added on 04 June 2019
What Are The Best IoT Platforms In 2019? Internet of Things is the fastest growing industry in the present time. We want the connected devices in our homes and offices, even now car manufacturers are using IoT solutions to connect our cars and offer a smarter and effective system.