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Added on 07 August 2020

Popular VR Apps For Kids You Can Take Inspiration From

07 August 2020

Technology is continuously rising to a level that has the potential to transform a lot of traditional areas. This is inspiring the world to think about the ways to trigger unmatchable growth and development. The visible advancement can shoot the large-scale acceptance of the rising trends that are dedicated to shaping the global infrastructure. Industries are trying to hit the nail by establishing the gargantuan advancement in the areas that can be modified and enhanced with the expansion of technology. The possibilities are endless only if the firms head in the right direction. Speaking of the right direction, a large part of the development is governed by mobile applications. Let us throw some light upon it.

Mobile App Development & The Rising VR Technology

Within a decade, mobile app development became one of the most trending technologies in the world. It stunned the world with its capabilities and opened up a doorway to unmatchable possibilities. Applications act as a bridge to connect the differences present between the users and business. They mend any sort of gaps present in the communication and processing of both the parties and enable a smooth connection. App technology is known to eradicate the shortcomings of business and ameliorate the sales up to a great extend.

There are a couple of other technologies that merge with mobile tech and create apps that have a lot to offer to the world. Today we would be talking about one such technology that is offering multiple perks to the business brood. Yes, it is none other than Virtual Reality.

What Is VR Technology?

Virtual reality is the tech that shifts a person into al alternate, computer-generated, virtual world. It helps the user to learn about multiple aspects of the virtual environment by forgetting the real one. It is one of the most trending technologies that can be used in multiple ways, especially for expanding the knowledge base of kids.

Today in this blog we would be learning about the top VR apps for kids. Take a good look at the list given below and expand your understanding.

Top VR-based Apps For Kids

The wait is finally over, as we present the top list of applications for children, based on virtual reality. Dig in for more information. 

1. Discover VR

It is an application full of nature adventures that a child can experience without leaving the premises of home or school. It helps the kids to interact with the earth in a better manner and they can smoothly explore nature.    

2. BBC Earth: Life in VR

In 2018, this application won the Google Play Award for delivering the best VR-based experiences to the kids. Apart from offering multiple opportunities to the world underwater life, it has multiple details in store for its users. It makes learning about the life of sea creatures fun and interesting.

3. InCell VR

It is a game where players face the action-packed situations as they navigate the world full of human cells. Players can do three things, they can-    

Experience the microworld of cells

Outrun virus waves

Save cells from destruction 

As there are not many games about science, this one has a lot in store. 

4. Google Expeditions

It allows kids to view multiple interesting places on earth. With this, they can explore many cities and countries.   

5. YouTube VR

This VR-based application helps the children to travel virtually to any country and explore it. It is effective while watching 360-degrees videos.   

6. Boulevard VR

This app lets the users pay a visit to the world's most popular museums. It is east to witness the artwork present in the 6 top museums because of the virtual reality. 

7. Jurassic VR

It is a reality where the kids can virtually approach the extinct dinosaurs. It is just like going on a virtual safari.


These are all the popular VR-based apps for kids that you must know about. These applications are inspiring a lot of companies in the business world to boost development. But it is necessary to create a unique app that has the potential to stand out from the crowd and display its unmatchable advantages. So if you are looking for an impeccable VR-based business app, then reach out to the team of young and talented professionals.

So what are you waiting for? Connect with an excellent team to know more about the steps involved in VR mobile app development. Don't hold back and initiate the process that can take to to the zenith of your success.


Technologies like VR are full of exciting opportunities that can initiate global transformation. But it is up to you to reap the benefits of the same. So step on the bandwagon and relish the perks. Do not forget to list all your views about the blog in the comment section present below. Until then, stay tuned to this platform for more information.

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