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Added on 13 April 2020

On-Demand Delivery App; Stopping The Coronavirus Spread

13 April 2020

Coronavirus is highly contagious and has no treatment available!

This information is sufficient for anyone to step back, and don't move out. But you cannot ignore the need for daily requirements, like grocery, medicines, water, and may other needs, that we all have.

We all know that Covid-19 is a Pandemic now, and there are no measures to fight this disease, but prevention.

However, prevention is good for us, but what about our daily needs? Since there are chances of getting infected or being exposed to the virus, we all are looking for the best possible way to meet our needs.

And this hour of the need is technical answered by mobile apps!

Yes, the concept of the on-demand delivery app has brought a sudden relief and convenience to us, where the delivery services are following the rigid measure of protection. And in return, we get the required things at our home, helping us to break the chain of society outbreaks of the virus.


Benefits for businesses

Since the Covid-19 outbreak, businesses are experiencing a sudden loss in their revenue channel. Due to lockdown, the number of customers visiting their shops, have decreased in a larger number. Here the mobile app technology comes as a savior and helps them reach out to a larger user base.

An on-demand delivery app is the best tool to stop the Coronavirus spread!

Features that can boost your on-demand delivery app

A mobile app is required in every field, but sadly not every mobile app is designed and developed by different app development companies. However, not many mobile apps actually garner deserving recognition in their respective genres. This happens due to one major fact and that suggests certain apps lack big time in the usability feature of the app.

Are you thinking which specific features am I talking about?

Well, to be honest, there are multiple, and not some specific, as the demand of the mobile app features differs from one platform to another. And one set of features for one app cannot do justice to another app.

Thus in this league, today let’s discuss the features that can really on-demand delivery mobile apps, which can be boosted further with a set of features is included in the app concept.

So without wasting any moment let’s figure out what more can be done to pick the best out of the mobile apps, amid the chaos of Covid…

User profile registration- It is the most basic but required feature for the on-demand app. Here users get the option to easily register. And they have to further add their name, address and contact number for the delivery.

Shopping list- The inclusion of the shopping list is one of the most striking features an app can receive, hailing from the grocery/medicines field. In this feature users can make their shopping list and further share it with their loved ones, to get the quick edit option. This lets the users remove the hassle of picking the items again on their subsequent visit and they can make the purchase instantly.

Offers & Discounts- Special deals offered can sound little obvious, but you can promote it further to the specific set of audience who is making frequent purchases and referring the app to other users as well to download and make the purchase. You can include the required system on the basis of points or discounts, depending upon your business reach.

Push notifications- Personalized push messages always up the game, as they let the users feel connected with the brand more closely and avail the offers when the users are inactive for some time, and encourage them to use the app.

Payment- Yes, it is the most vital part, as not many are having cash in this hard time, so your app must provide an easy payment option with card/debit/ wallet or COD.

Also, the app development company you have chosen for your app project can suggest the additional add-ons to be a part of your successful on-demand app.

Essential tips for the development

Many times it can be observed around the app world, that a larger number of applications fail to keep the promise because users don’t get, what they expected, and worst of all no one listens to the pathos in any given situation, and this leaves the users boiled in their own furious soup, and after throwing their hatred with the reviews, they simply walk away from your app.

Can you find this situation a little relatable???

You must be, where you might have been at either side of the story and can comprehend what all it takes the users to ditch your app.

No app owner wants the mobile app to be flunked at any given cost, but when it happens in reality, you are left traumatized thinking what and how it happened???

Communication Bridge

The biggest issue here is the lack of COMMUNICATION.

Now you must be wondering that how can communication be a reason behind the success of your app…right???

So in order to exemplify my point, I need you to go on a journey with me, which would let you understand the HOW behind it… To understand what lies behind, we need to understand the main essence of the story and that revolves and initiates from the users’ review only.

Users’ Reviews

The users are the ultimate jury, which decides whether your built application is really worthy or not? The best part about the users is, they are not biased, and share what they feel or receive from your app. If they like it, then expect good, but if they dislike then expect the worst from them.

In either case, you have to keep calm and must not lose your composure.

However, it is the worst reviews only, which require more attention. Hence you need to address and provide a solution to your users, being a prompt listener.

You need to provide the solution to your users, failing to which you only dig a hole for your app, wherein your users would bury it further.

Last, not the least, to get a successful on-demand delivery app for your business, you must reach out to the experts from Techugo, and help your business to grow further.

Reach out to the team Techugo and transform your business into the digital space.

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