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Added on 30 July 2020

Flutter Use For Startups

30 July 2020

The spell of technology has engulfed the world around us beautifully, where it not just provides the immersive experience but also brings comfort and convenience to the maximum. On the other hand, startups and enterprises are utilizing the app technology to bring a unique user-experience.

There are many technological trends that keep on evolving and helping the businesses to attain customer satisfaction at the best. However, when it comes to a startup to select on technology to proceed ahead, then there are many constraints involved, out of time and money are two demanding aspects.

In this context, one of the most trending and sought-after technologies is Flutter, which has brought a bundle of benefits for the startups and helps them to scale ahead without any hurdle involved.

Curious how this is possible even?

Get hooked to this post and understand why Flutter is an ideal choice for your startup.

What is Flutter?

Flutter is a framework, that is crafted by Google. It is an open-source mobile development framework letting developers build high-quality mobile apps for both iOS and Android. This framework is based on the Dart- Google’s programming language. Despite being quite afresh in the development world, this framework has grabbed the attention of bigger brands such as Alibaba and Tencent to name a few and helps them to run their operations seamlessly.

Let’s understand further why startups must utilize Flutter for their app development journey…

An ideal option for MVP Development

Not every startup is well-backed with the funding, and there are many hiccups that stop the startup to grow. In such a condition getting a mobile app brings more expense to your business and can leave your drained. However, with the Flutter technology you can create an MVP model, that can bring your business its deserving recognition with an app that fits our budget and users- requirements.

Codesharing feature

A business gets truly successful, when it offers its services to the users with broader accessibility, although a mobile app is a great marketing tool, but creating it for different app platforms, require money and time. Both aspects are quite less with startups, and they want their app product to be launched in the market faster. To ease down the woes to a greater extent, Flutter helps startups to roll-out their apps in the market on different platforms. This is possible, as Flutter supports the cross-platform development and requires developers to write code once and then further the same code can be shared on any other OS without any hurdle involved. This enhances your app’s credibility and offers a platform to it to be accessed by a wider userbase.

Increases productivity rate

One of the most challenging aspects for a startup is to get a higher productivity rate an app development is no exception to this environment. In this run, Flutter becomes your friend in need, as it has hot reload capabilities. This allows the developers to fix any errors or debug within the app during the development itself.

This saves their time and efforts and evades the possibilities of redeploying the entire code after debugging. This enables the developers to quickly launch the app product in the market and helps them to fix bugs without any hurdle involved.

Resource utilization

Flutter supports the Firebase, this helps the startups to utilize different services. As a startup you can use Flutter for cloud storage, hosting, managing real-time databases, and much beyond.

Provides flexible & scalable backend

An app involves an efficient backend system, which helps in handling the different requirements of the app, ranging from cloud storage, cloud functions, real-time databases, and many others. With the help of Flutter, you enhance this space easily, wherein your app’s infrastructure turns into a scalable platform, to efficiently manage the backend development & deployment.

Flutter widgets include intuitive & engaging UI

We all know the worth of impeccable UI in the app platform and helps an app to succeed further. To make this happen seamlessly on your mobile app, Flutter brings a huge variety of customizable widgets, which can be used to offer a native experience to the users effortlessly. Also, it helps the designers to tackle the design-related challenges and enhances the app responsive rate to a greater extent.

In a nutshell

It is not easy for a startup to initiate the venture and thrive further, as multiple challenges are waiting for it, down the road. And in this run, the most disturbing factors are promotion and marketing. This involves money and finding a solution that fits the budget and meets the demand of the users, is of utmost priority. Henceforth, picking the flutter technology for their app development process, is an ideal choice for any startup out there, helping them to build a platform, that can let them disrupt their specific industry.

To build an efficient marketing plan and a robust brand image for your startup with mobile app technology, Flutter is the most suitable option.

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