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Added on 04 June 2019

What Are The Best IoT Platforms In 2019?

04 June 2019

The main objective of using the IoT on the devices is to create better communication between the channels and share the information more frequently. Let's see some examples of IoT:

• Smart home systems are examples of IoT applications and Amazon Echo is the most popular one.

• Smartwatches which allows text messages and phone calls, this is also an example of IoT applications.

• Fitbit is an example of IoT devices.

Type of the IoT platforms:

• End to end

• Connectivity

• Cloud

• Data

Here we are going to mention some facts about these platforms:

• The primary function of the IoT platforms is to act as the mediator to connect the devices or applications to another end. It contains multiple functions such as sensors, controllers, gateway devices, communication networks, data analyzing and translating software, and end application services.

• IoT cloud platform has the capability to handle a large amount of data in comparison to devices, applications, websites, and sensors and take the actions to give a real-time response.

• The selection of best IoT platforms depends on the requirements of the organization for hardware, real-time access, custom reports, budget, development skills, and the business model.

Now, let's discuss the most popular IoT platforms in 2019.

Google Cloud platform

Google cloud provides a multi-layered secure infrastructure, it helps in improving operational efficiency. It provides predictive maintenance for equipment, solutions for smart cities and buildings, and real-time asset tracking.


• Machine Learning capabilities for any IoT need.

• Real-time business insights for globally dispersed devices.

• Artificial Intelligence capabilities

• It provides support for a wide range of embedded operating systems.

• Location Intelligence


Organizing, managing, and sharing document are easy, it also works with all operating systems. Overall it provides good features and functionalities and ease of use.

Amazon AWS IoT core

AWS IoT core helps you to connect devices to the cloud an interact with the other devices and applications. It provides support for HTTP, lightweight communication protocol, and MQTT.


• It can be the process of a huge amount of messages.

• It is a reliable and secure platform to route the messages to AWS endpoints and other devices.

• Your application will track and communicate even when not connected.

• You will be able to use other AWS services like AWS Lambda. Amazon Kinesis, and Amazon QucikSight, etc.

• It allows secure access to your devices.


You can just start in three simple steps. Signup, learn from tutorials and start building, you can take tutorials as learning material. AWS IoT provides good integration options with other services also.

Microsoft Azure IoT Suite

This IoT solution is designed for every industry needs. It can be used from retailto manufacturing to transportation. It provides a solution for remote monitoring, predictive maintenance, smart spaces, and connected products.


• It provides you an open platform to build robust applications.

• It can be used by beginners as well as experts.

• There are two solutions to start with such as IoT SaaS and with open source IoT templates.


It provides a free guide on how to create IoT applications, it also provides a good number of features, functionalities and it is easily scalable too.

Samsung Arkit Cloud

Arkit is the solution for hardware, software, and cloud services. There is a huge list of products that work with the Arkit cloud such as Fitbit, Amazon Echo, Automatic, etc. Using cloud connectors, an existing cloud can be integrated with the Arkit Cloud services.


• It can collect any type of data like discrete, continuous, real-time, and historic.

• It provides built-in security to devices, apps, and user interactions.

• It offers built-in privacy.

• You can monitor the connectivity of devices in the cloud

• It monetizes the data which is shared by the IoT devices.


It is a scalable application and device agnostic, it can also be used for smart home, cities and as an industrial IoT.

Oracle IoT

With the Oracle IoT cloud, you can perform several programs such as you can connect your device to the cloud, perform analysis of data from these devices in real time, and perform integration of data with enterprise applications or web services. It supports integration with Oracle and non-oracle applications and IoT devices using REST API.


• It allows you to create an IoT application and connect a device to JavaScript, Android, iOS, Java, and C POSIX.

• It helps you to the extent the supply chain, ERP, HR, and customer experience applications.

• Operational efficiency and worker productivity can be improved

• It provides features like devices virtualization, high-speed messaging, and endpoint management to connect.

• To analyze the data, it provides features like stream processing and data enrichment.

• Using REST API, integration can be done with Oracle and non-oracle applications and IoT devices.


It is a cloud-based service and easy to use. It provides an integration option with both Oracle and non-oracle devices.

Cisco IoT cloud connect

Cisco IoT cloud connect is the mobility cloud-based software suite. This IoT solution is for mobile operators, it has the capability to fully optimize and utilize the network. Cisco provides IoT solutions for networking, security, and data management.


• Granular and Real-Time visibility.

• It provides updates for every level of the network

• For IoT security, it provides benefits of protecting the control system from human errors and attacks, increased visibility and control by defending malware and intrusion, and centralized security controls.


Cisco IoT cloud connect is for networking, security, and data management and provides updates at every level of a network.

These are the most popular IoT platforms in 2019. You can use any one of them according to your requirements and benefits.

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