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    Added on 18 June 2019

    How to help in HP Printer printing double vision

    Imagine your disappointment when you are at work, trying to take a print out of an important report, but the HP Printer you are using keeps printing double vision. From outdated printer firmware to defective ink cartridges, there could be several reasons why this error occurred on your HP Printer. Printing errors, like the HP Printer printing double vision, can be quite frustrating because they can halt your printing tasks and affect your productivity. If these errors occur, you should call the HP Printer Customer Support Number and consult a trained printer expert to identify the root cause of the problem and find out how to resolve it. You can also go through the solutions mentioned below and try and fix the double vision error on your own.

    • Solution 1. Check your HP Printer Settings: The print settings on your HP Printer play a key role in making sure the printer functions efficiently. You can use the HP solution center software application to make changes to your HP Printer settings. Open the print settings and check if the print size, the print resolution, color, and other specifications are compatible with the paper dimensions you are using.
    • Solution 2. Update the HP Printer firmware: HP will often update the printer firmware to include product enhancements or to fix bugs in the previous versions of the firmware. You should visit the HP Customer Support: Software and Driver Downloads page to update the firmware to make sure you are using the latest version. 
    • Solution 3. Recalibrate the print-head: All HP Printers have a calibration function that helps to make sure the cartridge ink falls in the correct place on the printing paper. It is possible that the double vision printing error occurred because the print head is not calibrated properly. Go to the toolbar on your HP printer software and use the calibration to align the text and then print a sample page to see if the error is resolved.
    • Solution 4: Replace the ink cartridges: If you find that the double vision printing error persists even after you recalibrate the print-head and paper advance, you should consider replacing the ink cartridges on your printer. HP recommends all users to utilize genuine HP ink cartridges for the printer since it is not possible to attest the quality of non-HP cartridges.
    • Solution 5: Reset the HP Printer: Another solution to fix the double vision error on your HP Printer is to reset the printer and restore the factory set-defaults. Resetting the HP Printer will restore the settings to the factory default, however, it will not affect the page count or the language settings of the printer.

    If you have any questions about the solutions mentioned above, or if you find that the double vision printing error persists even after implementing the solutions you can call the HP Printer Technical Support and ask for additional technical assistance. Experienced HP technicians are available 24 hours a day and will be able to give you the best solution to resolve any error you may encounter while using your HP Printer.

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