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    Added on 28 June 2019

    How to Fix HP LaserJet Pro Printers Scanner Error 22

    HP Printers are highly efficient devices which provide the users with best in class print outputs. They have always ensured that the users get the best quality results while using HP printers. There are multiple models available for the users to select from depending upon their needs. HP provides the users with printers which best suit official needs and even printers which are ideal for house use. Even though they are highly renowned all over the world, there are certain malfunctions which the users face while using HP LaserJet printers. One such issue is when the users come across ‘Scanner Error 22.’ This is an error where the users would receive an error message displayed on their printer control panel while they are trying to scan from the printer. This error is generally caused due to extra weight or even when pressure is applied to the scanner glass during the time of scanning. The users can easily connect with HP Printer Customer Service Number and avail assistance regarding the issue.

    Ways to solve HP LaserJet Pro Scanner Error 22

    If you wish to solve the scanner error 22 which you have encountered on your HP LaserJet Pro, then the steps that you would have to follow are as given below:

    Step 1: Power on the printer

    • The user would have to connect with the printer to a reliable power source and turn on the printer.

    Step 2:  Check whether the printer is in idle state

    • The user would have to wait to find out whether their printer is in idle state or silent.
    • The user can simply disconnect the power cord from the rear side of the printer in a state like this.

    Step 3: Unplug the printer

    • The user would have to unplug the printer from the power source and let the printer rest for at least 60 seconds.

    Step 4: Plug the printer back to the power source

    • Now the user would have to reconnect to the power source. Generally, the printer would automatically turn on if this not happen, the users would have to turn on the system manually.

    Step 5: Warm up Phase

    • The user would then see that the printer is going through a warm-up phase where the printer lights would be flashing, and the carriage may move.
    • The users are suggested to wait until the warm-up period completes its task. The printer would be in idle mode or silent mode before the users can start using it.

    Why connect with HP LaserJet Customer Support?

    When the user comes across issues like Scanner error 22 while working on HP LaserJet Pro, there is nothing that they would have to worry about. In such a situation, the users have the option of connecting with HP Printer Customer Support. This service is available throughout the day and is completely free of cost. The executives would then ensure that the users attain complete satisfaction against the issue that they are facing.

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