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    Added on 10 June 2019

    How to set up Google Cloud Print on HP Printers

    If you wish to set up your HP Printer on Google cloud print, then you must also understand the benefits of this aspect. There are several added benefits that you would attain after having set up the could print option. You can then change your e-documents into paper form without many efforts. You would also have the option of storing the important data which is on your system on this platform. With the help of this option, you would be able to attain more from your printer device. The users can also connect with HP Printer Customer Care Number, to learn more about this feature.

    Ways to set up your HP printer with the Google Cloud Print

    The steps that the users would have to undertake to set up your HP printer with the Google Cloud print is as follows:

    • You would have to make sure that your system is connected with a properly functioning network.
    • Once you have examined the network connection, you would have to open your browser. It is suggested that users use Google Chrome for this process.
    • After you have open the browser, you would now have to log in to your Gmail ID using your account credentials.
    • Further, you would have to access the settings option on your browser. You would be able to find this option in the menu section of your browser.
    • If you already have the HP printer connected with your system, then this settings option would help you locate your HP printer.
    • Once you are done with all the above-given steps, you would need to login to your Google print button.
    • After you have done this, you would get a lot of options on the screen. From the given options you would have to select the option of ‘Add Printer.’
    • Having selected this option would aid you in developing a connection between your Google account and the Google print service.
    • Now you would have to choose the option of managing your printer; the users can find this option in the menu that is available above.
    • You would then be able to find all the printers that you have connected in this give list.
    • Further, access the Google Print page and add a cloud-ready printer to your system. To add a cloud-ready printer, you would need to select the option of the same name that is available on the menu on your system screen.
    • Finally, you would have to enter the name of the manufacturer of your printer, and then you select HP from the options which you would receive.

    Following the given steps would enable you to set up Google Cloud Print on your HP Printer. If you face any issue while undertaking the above-given steps, then you would have to connect with HP Printer Tech Support promptly, the professionals there would efficiently guide you through the entire process in detail. This service is available on a 24-hour basis and is completely free of cost.

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