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    Added on 31 May 2019

    How to reset an HP color Cartridge

    31 May 2019

    There is a chip that is present in every HP color cartridge which works primarily for communicating with the printer. It is because of this chip that it becomes necessary that you reset the cartridges after refilling or replacing them. This chip helps in indicating the message of low in the cartridges. It has been seen that the error message of low ink would be displayed even after replacing the cartridges and this is where it becomes crucial that you reset them. When you manually reset the ink cartridges, it would save a lot of time and money. You would also be saved from encountering the unnecessary warning of low ink. You can understand this issue ideally by going through this blog. The users also have the option of promptly connecting with HP Printer Customer Care Number to avail assistance regarding this issue.

    Steps to reset HP cartridges 57, 28 and 22 are as stated below:

    • After you have successfully refilled or replaced the cartridges, take a look at the bottom of the cartridge. You would be able to find six copper contact strips at the bottom.
    • Make sure that you keep the cartridge in front of you in such a manner that you can see the copper strips facing you.
    • Now put a piece of tape on the top of the contact in the second column.
    • After you have placed the tape, put the cartridge back into the printer. If you face an error message ignore it and then print a test page.
    • Now remove the cartridge from the printer and keep the tape on it. Further place another tape on the top of the contact which is in the sixth row.
    • You would now again have to place the cartridge in the printer and print a test page ignoring the error message.
    • Finally, remove the cartridge again and take off all the tape that you had put on the contacts.
    • Now when you replace the cartridge in the printer, you would be able to see that the ink level is displayed as full.

    Opt for cycling the Cartridges

    • You can take up this option if the first option does not work for you. In this process, you would require extra color cartridges.
    • Now place the refilled cartridge in the printer while ignoring the error message that is being displayed.
    • Take the refilled cartridge out and then replace it with the spare cartridge. Ignore the error message that you would receive and choose to print an alignment page.
    • Once you are done with this step, remove the second cartridge and replace it with the other spare cartridge that you have.
    • Again opt to print an alignment page.
    • Once you have done all the said steps, remove and replace all the spare cartridges with the refilled cartridges. After you have done this step, you would be able to see that your ink levels are now shown to be full.

    If you feel you would require more assistance while putting these steps into action, then you can choose to connect with the HP Printer Tech Support. They would provide you with all the required assistance in this aspect.

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