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    Added on 02 May 2019

    Recover the BIOS of HP Pavilion 20-a200

    If you have started to encounter your HP PC having issues while rebooting then this could be because your BIOS system has stopped working. It is also possible that your BIOS has been corrupted or there has been some issue of the virus on your system. BIOS is an essential aspect of the system, without the BIOS you would not be able to boot into the operating system and then your system would display a BIOS issue. When you encounter this issue you would be shown a black screen or you might only hear a beep and you would not be able to access the operating system. There are several emergency tools which can help the users resolve this issue automatically. The users can also connect with the HP Printer Technical Support Number. They would have all the accurate information on how to solve the issue that you have come across. You also take up the steps that have been stated below:

    The steps to recover the BIOS on your HP PC

    The steps that you would need to undertake in order to accurately solve the issue is as stated below:

    • The first thing that you would have to do is to turn off your system.
    • After your system is turned off, you would have to press the window key and B key simultaneously.
    • Now, while pressing these said keys, you would have to press the power button to get into the BIOS screen. You would have to keep the button pressed for 2-3 seconds until the screen is displayed. It usually comes up after 8 beeps.
    • After this, the LED light would remain on and the update would start automatically. If you see the update screen, you would have to follow the steps that are given to you or you have the option of waiting for it to appear.
    • Once you find that the process is complete, you would have to click on ‘Continue Startup’ after which the system would immediately start up.
    • Once the system restarts, you would get the message that the update has been completed and you would have to press ‘Enter’ in order to continue.
    • Further, you would have to follow the instructions that are given to you on the screen. This would enable you to access the PC properly.

    If the users accurately follow the information that has been given above, they would efficiently be able to handle the issue that they have encountered. In such a situation the users can also take aid from the HP Printer Customer Service. They can easily connect with this customer service and acquire assistance on how to overcome this issue. The executives at this service are highly trained and professional. The users can connect with them at any hour of the day. Moreover acquiring this service would not inculcate any charge on the users. The executive would analyze the issue in detail and provide you with the best alternative that is possible. They would ensure that you do not come across this issue again.

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