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    Added on 23 May 2019

    How to Uninstall HP ePrint on Your Windows-Based Device

    HP Printers are known all over the world for their speed and reliability. HP strives to develop innovative, user-friendly features to give its customers a hassle-free printing experience. HP ePrint is one such feature that is designed to allow users to efficiently manage their printing tasks. HP ePrint is a unique service that uses cloud-based technology and enables you to give print commands through an internet connection. Thanks to the ePrint technology, HP Printer users can simply email the document or image directly to their HP Printer. The technology is compatible with almost all devices, including smartphone, laptops, and tablets. You can call the HP Printer Customer Care Number and consult a certified expert to check if your printer is enabled with HP ePrint technology.

    Although the e-Print service is meant to make printing more manageable, it can sometimes be an obstacle to printing, especially if you do not know how to use it. This article will give you an overview of how you can remove the ePrint option from your device in case it gets in the way of your work.

    Step to Uninstall HP ePrint on Windows

    Even though HP ePrint is designed to provide mobile printing capabilities, not everyone is comfortable using the technology. If you find that HP ePrint begins to interfere with the way you use your printer you can follow the steps given below to uninstall HP ePrint from your Windows device:

    • Step 1: Switch on your Windows computer and log in as admin
    • Step 2: Open the Control Panel and go ‘Devices and Printer.’
    • Step 3: Review all the options and check is ‘HP ePrint’ is listed
    • Step 4: If you find the ‘HP ePrint’ option right-click and press ‘Delete.’
    • Step 5: Open the run tab and type ‘printui.exe /s’ in the given box
    • Step 6: Select the Printer Drivers tab and look for ‘HP ePrint.’
    • Step 7: Right-click it and press the ‘Remove’ button
    • Step 8: Open the Print Server Properties Window
    • Step 9: Press ‘Apply and Ok’ then close the Devices and Printer Window

    After you exit the Devices and Printer Window, you can reboot your Windows computer and check if the HP ePrint software is uninstalled. If you have any difficulty uninstalling the software, you can call the HP printer support and speak to a certified printer expert to identify the cause of the problem. HP experts are available 24 hours a day and will be able to give you the best solution to overcome any error related to your HP Printer. No matter what issues you may face with your HP Printer you can be sure that a team of experts stand ready to give you a step-by-step guide to fix those issues so that you can carry on with your work.

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