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Dhanesh Haridas, Chief technical officer at Epixel MLM Software is a passionate and enthusiastic business person with 10+ years of experience in Software field.
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  • 3651 Lindell Rd., Suite D1050, Las Vegas, Nevada 89103
Added on 23 November 2021
Direct selling is a successful business model since 1800. Even though the direct selling industry always have a negative image among the people, the industry has opened a lot of opportunities. The success of a direct selling organization thrives on the sole basis of self-motivated distributors who will be able to persuade and convince other people to buy their products. These distributors hold an important place in the direct selling organization.

The success of network marketing business depends on how many distributors you have in your downline. Managing a large number of distributors(https://www.epixelmlmsoftware.com/mlm-downline-manager ) can be overwhelming, and it is easy to lose track of wh(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_multi-level_marketing_companies )at needs to be done for each distributor. Direct selling companies should need a platform for managing their downlines easier, and also giving the ability to manage all aspects of each distributor's activity within one place.

The backbone of direct selling is the distributors. They make it profitable and can help you grow your network marketing business. As the network gets expanded, it is essential for a direct selling entrepreneur to retain them in order to achieve success where network marketing(https://www.investopedia.com/terms/n/network-marketing.asp ) is all about the growth of your downline. The MLM downline manager platform has been designed with growth in mind and it offers many features that empower distributors at every stage of their network marketing career.

A distributor is often faced with the challenge of analyzing and improving their downline performance. With some key tools and strategies, distributors can more easily analyze and improve their downline performance.

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