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We extract useful insights about your customers, prospects, and everything else for your organization using data science, sophisticated analytics.
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e-CENS is a group of data scientists, analysts, technologists, and strategists that has gained recognition on a global scale. We have more than 15 years of expertise working with top international brands More


Added on 14 October
The best customer data platforms on the market today.
Because customers and buyers in practically every industry are now digital-first, customer experience is the digital trend driving modern organisations. Brands are gathering a tonne of customer data to enable the urgent need for personalization at scale. But a lot of the customer data that comes in is unstructured and comes from a number of sources. How well businesses handle and utilize all that customer data will be a major determinant of

Added on 05 October
Determining the large amounts of data in digital banking KPIs is currently ongoing. Everyone is aware of the differences in how banks operate nowadays. and using digital banking is increasingly common in how we handle our money. Important KPIs for digital banking include the average session length, cost per lead, and numerous more indicators. Keep in mind that KPIs for digital banking should not be confused with quality measures (QMs) for that industry. Get in touch with e-CENS right away

Added on 27 September
Still working to determine massive data in digital banking KPIs. everyone clearly knows that banks operate differently now a days. and digital banking is set off more and more main in approach and control our money on a daily basis. There are some important KPIs for digital banking: Average session duration, Cost per lead and many more. Remember that quality metrics (QMs) for digital banking should not be confused with digital banking KPIs. To learn more about how our consultants

Added on 22 September
Trying to find information on Google Analytics 4 vs. Universal Analytics? Transformation from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 is a process that takes time and a well-thought-out plan. Since GA4 is still in development and new features are continually being added to the platform, it's possible that new users may find it challenging to switch from the comfort of UA to Google's new offering. Between UA and GA4, the Account Structure differs significantly. It's critical to get ready before

Added on 15 September
Are you willing for e-commerce metrics service to gain a strengthen and excellent business results. Every business decision is based on data, having precise metrics is essential for assisting your organisation make wise judgments. We are willing to help you in unlocking the power of your data. We extract useful insights about your customers, prospects, and everything else for your business using data science, analysis tools, and machine learning. A group known as e-CENS is made up of data scientists,

Added on 01 September
Customer Data Platform Integration | e-CENS

Every company's future depends on its customer data. It is the best technique to comprehend the sentiments and purchasing preferences of your clients. The greatest experience requires real-time data management and activation.
You may have observed that every time you dealt with that business, the experience felt more tailored to your needs.

The Facebook advertising you saw appeared to be incredibly relevant to you, the website may have undergone slight adjustments to appear more tailored to your
Customer Data Platform e-cens.com Implementation of a Customer Data Platform (CDP) is the most complex Martech project of your career. Partner, and realize the highest ROI.

Added on 19 August
The e-cens provides you e-commerce metrics based on the number of transactions that are completed through the e-commerce platform. The transaction volume is measured by the number of orders placed on the e-commerce platform. The transaction value is measured by the total amount of goods and services purchased through the e-commerce platform.

The e-commerce platform is also tracked by the number of unique customers that are registered on the e-commerce platform. The number of customers that are registered on

Added on 12 August
The features of Customer Data Platform (CDP) capabilities let you track and analyze customer preferences and behavior to increase sales, boost the quality of your goods and services, and lower risk. Customer data, including transactional and relationship data, can be built, managed, and analyzed using the CDP. The CDP also provides sophisticated analytics features like behavioral targeting, text analytics, and predictive modeling. This enhances your ability to comprehend your clients better and raises the level of engagement and service quality.

Added on 09 August
The mobile customer journey refers to the journey that the customer takes when they become a mobile customer. It includes the customer’s end-to-end experience with your company and covers the entire customer journey, from identifying the problem to serving the customer solution. It encompasses the customer touch points at each step, such as the website, email, direct mail, and mobile.

For more information click here : https://e-cens.com/mobile-customer-journey/

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Added on 05 August
Our mobile app analytics and performance services enable you to gain a clear understanding of the interactions people have with your mobile apps on mobile devices. Our performance services enable you to test different strategies to improve the performance of your mobile apps – for example, whether it makes sense to dynamically load content on the app instead of having it load when users open the app. Both of these services help you understand the impact of your digital investments