HoneyBee School and Supply
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Have you ever thought about raising bees, but don’t know where to start? Our school, backed by years of experience, will teach you everything you need to know (and then some) to easily become a backyard beekeeper! Get all the supplies and support you need, including discounted bees and equipment. At The Honey Bee School, we aim to provide the lessons, supplies, and support required to make it happen.
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Become a Backyard Beekeeper - HoneyBee School & Supply honeybeeschool.com This is our flagship offering.  Everything an aspiring beekeeper (with no experience) needs for the first season.  This course/package provides 1) the equipment needed to get started 2) your honeybees 3) instruction/tutorials 4) live support for the first season. You will learn the critical basics for a new backyard beekeeper - equipment, instal...

HoneyBee School and Supply
Posted on 26 April at 10:03AM
The Beekeeping Starter Kit for Beginners is a great beginner Beekeeping kit that comes with everything a beginner beekeeper needs to keep bees. The kit includes a queen bee which is already mated and has been fitted, inside a cage with an inspection window, all marked HSB-BI. It also includes 10 pounds of honey in five jars, 5 pound powdered sugar, 30 empty drawn comb frames with wax starter strips, and 2 supers consisting of 2 each: sheet metal, entrance
The Benefits of Keeping Bees | Honey Bee School and Supply honeybeeschool1.blogspot.com It cannot be denied that honey was the first sweet introduced. And till now it is the famous sweetened that most of the people enjoy eating....

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HoneyBee School and Supply
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If you're looking for beekeeping training courses, then you're in the right place. We offer regular beekeeping training courses that are appropriate for complete beginners, those who already keep bees, or those who have a strong interest in the subject. The courses are run throughout the year at a farm near Preston. If you are interested in beekeeping and have a passion for keeping bees with an understanding of honeybee behavior, the annual open course will expand your knowledge of

HoneyBee School and Supply
Posted on 30 March at 10:52AM
We’re going to explore the world of honeybees and backyard beekeeping. Whether you have years of experience or just a passing interest, you will learn something new about the fascinating little insects that have a big impact on our lives. We'll show you how to care for them and harvest the honey. Join us for an inspired and sweet adventure! Click on the given link to learn more about our Beekeeping Training Courses.
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