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Added on 30 March 2019

Top Bridesmaid Outfit Trends to Follow In 2019

In earlier times, bridesmaid outfits were always just a “wear-once-and-done” kind of garment that’d eventually accumulate dust at the back of your closet. But with so many inventive new trends at present, outfits are a lot more fun and fashion-forward while still every bit of glamorous, which can make them an excellent formal number to keep in your wardrobe.

We had a discussion with World Class Wedding Venues – a top wedding planner finder - about the bridesmaid dress trend to love in 2019.

Living Coral:

From 2018’s ultraviolet, Pantone hailed Living Coral as this year’s color. While it may be reminiscent of popsicle sticks & summer days, do not hesitate to include it in your wedding wardrobe. Living Coral is an astoundingly versatile color that can look good on all types of skin tones. It matches wonderfully well even with a sun-kissed make-up look that is certain to bring out your bridesmaid’s glow.

 Wedding Coral Outfits


Navy is a hue that can harmonize all types of trends & fashion seasons, but it looks to be putting itself front & center this year as far as bridesmaid outfit trends are concerned. If you are not so interested in the summer glamour of Living Coral, navy is the best bet that’s historically proven to never disappoint you.

Tea Length:

If you are pondering what a tea-length outfit is, it is precisely what it sounds like. Its hemline falls right below the knee, like your typical tea party outfit that is equal parts conservative & classy. This gentle cut spreads ample fun retro vibes without being tedious, which articulates why a lot of celebrities such as Alexa Chung and Selena Gomez have been spotted wearing it. Tea-length dresses are also ideal to opt with fabrics like chiffon.


We all need to give credit to Meghan Markle for the comeback of the halterneck style. For her reception outfit, the newly bundled regal Duchess stepped out in a chic Stella McCartney number that features an elegant halterneck and an open back. Obviously, a lot of brides & bridesmaids these days are starting to follow suit. Likewise, this is also a trouble-free fit that is likely to complement most figures.

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