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Added on 11 July 2019

Top 4 Boston Wedding Locations For A Memorable Wedding

More & more couples are looking for a unique place for their wedding day, particularly if they know they are to give their vows to somebody who is certainly “the one.” And since a majority of the choices for the venues are gardens, waterfront, and hotels for ceremonies, Boston is the ideal place that provides so many of such places where couples can have their grand wedding & make their special day more amazing & unforgettable. So, let’s find out what are the top 4 Boston wedding locations:
Museum of Science:
The venue is located off in the Garden Science Museum, where your guests can witness the Boston skyline & the Charles River that makes it one of the finest Boston wedding venues with a view. The outdoor part of the museum is spacious & can house more than 300 guests for the ceremony itself & the reception. The amenities here can service handicaps, and offers planning, catering, and other packages.
Museum Of Science Wedding Venue, Boston
Boston Park Plaza:
If you are looking for an ancient or magical setting for your special day, Boston Park Plaza has to be the place. The ceremony predominantly occurs in the ballroom, the historic venue, or the hotel. It can house over 300 invitees & can offer catering, bar & drinks, and service staff. Also they can plan the event for you, and the total expenses rely on the options you’ve chosen.

 Top 4 Boston Wedding Locations For A Memorable Wedding
Alden Castle:
The historic Alden Castle is an ideal Boston wedding location for couples who are looking for a classically romantic nuptial. Their vintage Ballroom boasts regal Tudor architecture with dark mahogany walls & imperial crests that offer the area an old-world vibe. Gleaming Ecru Becara chandeliers, dramatic oversized windows that allow adequate natural light, and lavish, silk champagne draperies add to the venue’s magnificence. The ballroom offers a lounge with a terrace that overlooks the historic ballroom, significant grand mirrors, and towering gold leafed fleur-de-lis ceilings. The venue can accommodate up to 400 guests for the reception and up to 250 guests for a sit-down dinner.

Artists for Humanity:
This is a truly one-of-a-kind Boston wedding venue that not only seeks to offer each couple with their dream wedding but also supports sustainability as the first LEED Platinum certified building in Boston. Moreover, it supports the community by keeping 250 under-sourced Boston teens employed in art & design.

 Artists for Humanity Wedding, Boston
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