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Added on 18 May 2019

How To Deal With Damaged Rentals On Your Big Day

Each bride in this world hopes her wedding day will go off without a hitch, but the pros will tell you that there will always be a problem or two. It might be something easy to address, like falling a few minutes behind schedule or coming to know that you are short a chair at your parents’ table, or it could be a bit trickier – like a dropped cake or a broken window. In the event of damaged property on your special day, what is a bride to do? We have got some tips to help you navigate the situation.

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Understand what counts as damage:

There is always a possibility the something could be broken, like a wine glass or a plate, and rental firms know this. That is why it is included in their agreement. Most will allow regular wear & tear without any additional expense to you. When it comes to significant damage, like broken plates or torn linens, each rental firm handles things in a different way. Some automatically charge for damage, which is usually a percentage fee on top of your rental expenses. Others let you opt-in and sign a damage waiver, or will charge per piece for broken or damaged stuff after the rentals have been returned. Did something go missing altogether? Be ready to compensate for the replacement, unless it is covered by your damage waiver.

Involve Insurance

If something happened and it needs to get fixed your best to see if the vendor or venue's event insurance will cover the issue first. If it does, then the insurance firms handle it. For instance, the band put a dent in a wall while delivering their speakers, let them handle it directly with the venue.

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Consider wedding insurance:

Do all these damage discussions make you a bit anxious? Visit WorldClassWeddingVenues.com to help you find wedding event insurance and rentals in the USA. If your rental firm does not provide a damage waiver, you have to look for a policy that encompasses coverage for rented party supplies. You also need to keep an eye for a property damage deductible, which is precisely what it sounds like: How much you will pay out of pocket if there is damage to the property. Some home insurance firms provide event insurance as an add-on to your policy, or you can look for event insurance directly.

Feel free to visit WorldClassWeddingVenues.com to find affordable Wedding Insurance and Rentals in the USA.

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