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Added on 20 August 2019

Top Venues In the US To Tie The Knot

Once engaged, you will quickly start to ask yourself, “Where should I get married?” There are so many options when it comes to wedding venues & everybody will have an idea of the ideal wedding venue for you…but you have to feel that the venue is right for you, so we are here to help.
Whether you are planning to tie the knot in a castle, in a greenhouse, up in a treehouse, in a rustic & refined barn, or even at a summer camp – no US wedding location is too out of the box! Let’s check out some of the best US wedding venues:
Haiku Mill in Maui, Hawaii:
If you have dreamed about a destination wedding in Hawaii, but sandy beaches are not exactly your thing, you have got to check out Haiku Mill. An ancient sugar plantation packed with old world grace, this wedding venue boasts ornate, hand-carved treasures from across the globe. The courtyard opens up to the lovely Hawaiian sky – reminding everybody of the exquisiteness of the island.
Haiku Mill in Maui, Hawaii
Treehouse Point in Issaquah, Washington:
We simply cannot imagine a more unique wedding venue in the US to get married than a real treehouse. Treehouse Point located conveniently just thirty minutes from Seattle, and is tucked away in a lovely woodland brimming with all the beauty of nature that you can imagine.
Sunstone Villa in Santa Ynez, California:
Santa Ynez is in California, but as soon as you step onto the grounds of Sunstone Villa you will get a feeling as though you have been shifted to a coastal Mediterranean castle. This winery is comprised of 55 acres & beautiful Old World-stirred architecture.

 Sunstone Villa in Santa Ynez, California
Valentine in Los Angeles, California:
Constructed in the 1920s, the space has lived many lives throughout its century of use. Its varied history informed the reinvention of the space into a modern venue. From the spectacular greenhouse life to the attractive blue façade, there’s no scarcity of beautiful vignettes here. The best thing about Valentine is it can easily shift its dimensions: you can host an intimate gathering for less than 100 people, or a large reception with up to 500 guests.
For more US Wedding locations, feel free to visit WorldClassWeddingVenues.com. We can help you find your dream wedding venue in US with ease.


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