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    Added on 12 December 2021

    5 Steps to take After Being Hit by a Drunk Driver

    12 December 2021

    Drivers understand the dangers of drunk driving; unfortunately, some people never learn, and you will see cases of drunk accidents all the time. Alcohol and other drugs affect the functioning of the brain, impair vision, and affect brain and muscle coordination, which are essential functions in driving.

    Amid the confusion and stress of being involved in a car accident, some victims do not know what they should do if they are hurt in a wreck with a drunk driver. It is essential to seek treatment immediately, after which, contact a car accident lawyer who will help you file a claim against the drunk driver.

    What to Do After an Accident with a Drunk Driver

    The immediate steps after the accident depends on the severity of your injuries. Assuming that you were not severely injured and you can handle things on your own, take the steps below:

    1. Seek Help

    The first step after the accident is to call for help. The police and a medical team will make sure that your injuries are checked and the police will file a report. As you wait for the police to arrive at the scene, do not confront the intoxicated driver because they can become aggressive and violent.

    If your car is still in good condition, stay inside or wait on the side together with eye witnesses for the police to arrive. Handling the matter without the police can give the drunk driver space to escape. Also, a car accident claim without the police report is not strong enough to earn you rightful compensation.

    2. Collect Evidence from the Scene

    If you are not severely injured, take pictures, videos, and any other piece of evidence from the scene. Also, request contacts of people and other drivers who witnessed the accident and ask them to give their statement to the police or court if need be.

    Witness evidence is crucial in any personal injury claim. What’s more, request a copy of the police report and crosscheck for accuracy. A mistake in the police statement could turn out to make you look like the one at fault. Ensure that they have indicated that the other driver was intoxicated.

    3. Contact a Car Accident Lawyer

    If you are planning to file an injury claim, it is advisable to seek the help of a car accident lawyer. The case might seem straightforward because the driver at fault was drunk, which is a criminal offense, but handling the complexities of drunk accidents and the tricks the insurance company will take a toll on you.

    Therefore, if you do not have a car accident lawyer, start searching for one as soon as possible. There are many personal injury lawyers out there, but the right one for your car accident case should be experienced in drunk accident cases.

    4. Follow Up with a Doctor’s Appointment

    After a car accident, it is essential to seek medical treatment and follow up with the doctor’s orders. Sometimes you might seem okay, only for pain and injuries to show up later, hence the need to keep in touch with your doctor after an accident. Also, consistent medical reports are essential to prove to the court that the injuries were severe and you incurred expenses to recover.

    5. Cooperate with the Police

    Drunk driving is a criminal offense, and most probably, the district attorney will file claims against you. Therefore, if you are asked to testify, avail yourself but seek guidelines from your attorney. The drunken conviction is good for your injury claim, so make sure to get a document from the district attorney.

    Do Not Handle the Claim Alone

    Recovering from the injuries and trauma of a car accident is overwhelming, and it will be even more complicated when you decide to handle the claim alone. Therefore, consult with an attorney who will handle the case for you as you concentrate on recovery.

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