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    Added on 02 July 2021

    9 Ways to Rank Your Law Firm Higher on Google

    02 July 2021

    In this era of digital supremacy ranking your law firm on search engines like Google is very important to add your case volumes. Although it takes some technical efficacy, however, following some simple marketing strategies can augment your growth.

    Online marketing strategies not just direct the targeted audience to your website rather establishes authority and confers trust. A study states that 97% of the millennials in the USA availing law firm’s service, searchers law firms online to get an appointment. Here we will share some useful strategies to rank your law firm on Google and alleviate the connection between your firm and clients.

    Keyword –the Master Player

    With Google keyword planner, Moz, Ahrefs, Uber Suggest, and lot more tools are there to search keywords with high search volumes and low SEO difficulty. Integrating specific keywords with your blog, website, and online marketing materials is highly beneficial. Based on your target audience and their search habits you can optimize your content to drive them to your website by ranking high on search engines.

    E.g. Law firm in Atlanta is a keyword, which netizens often type to find a relevant law firm. If you work on this keyword then there is an opportunity to get organic rank on the first page on Google. Thus people will reach your website easily.

    On-Page SEO

    On-page SEO is one of the most important aspects to rank your law firm's website on Google. On-page strategies are very precise and easy to do with our guidelines. Key factors are:

    • Keywords for title tag – All your online marketing efforts revolve around industry-specific keywords. Therefore, integrate the focus keyword in the title tag.
    • h1 Tag – The title must be in the h1 tag and subsequent sub-headings must be in h2 & h3 tags.
    • URL structure – Create short URLs with keywords optimized in it for good rank, ease of search engine, and readers to identify the content by its URL.
    • Keyword distribution – The focus keyword must be integrated within the first 100 words of the body, in meta-title and meta-description. Focus keyword and semantic keywords can be further optimized inside each paragraph, once, in between sentences. Keywords can be used in the proportion of 10% of the total word count.
    • Backlinks – Connect your blog with some other pages or other blogs of your website and also some with another website.
    • Image optimization – Use keywords as image ALT Text. And also save the image file name with a keyword. This will help people to reach your website even when they are searching for images.

    Video Marketing

    Video marketing has set a strong platform driving 74% of the online traffic. It can set up the authority of your law firm, educate the audience, and convert leads to business.  Video content with effective keywords is given special preference by Google. It gets higher click-through rates promoting your law firm and enhancing brand awareness. YouTube is the best platform to upload videos as it gets published on Google search engine as well.

    Here also, you have to follow the same keyword optimization rules in body, title, and description. Always link your YouTube video with the website. This link-building technique will help both the website and video in getting a higher position on Google.

    While promoting a video on YouTube embed it with schema markup instead of other embed code. This will help the thumbnail to appear on Google search results and increases click-through rates.

    Blog Posts

    To tell the story about your law firm and different case history you need strong narrative skills. When your narrative gets the power of keywords and comprehensive language with the right information, it creates a great impact on readers or online searchers.

    Social Media

    To amplify the positive boost of your content or videos, social media is undoubtedly one of the best platforms. It can propagate your post, make it viral, and reach mass within a short period of time.

    For law firm content, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram are some special mentions that can fetch the best result. The updated features like newsfeeds, paid ads, the story can add an extra boost to your effort.


    Like the book citation process, a backlink involves linking another website with your page. More the number of quality websites link to your website or page more it improves your domain authority and reliability. This benefits web crawlers to easily find your website and necessary content.

    For a law firm, any websites related to bar associations; chambers of commerce, business organizations, etc. can be helpful. Multiple searches of the keyword associated with your content and leading back to your page help rank on Google.

    Besides outbound links, inbound and internal links both are important for getting a good result on online marketing.

    Online Business Listings

    Listing your website beyond the legal realm is highly important to reach every other domain and set the presence of your brand or service. Business listing sites are highly browsed and they have additional features to get more clients.

    Local Listing

    Google My Business is a highly proficient platform for local listing. The first and foremost way to get your business prominence on this tool is to set a category. Select the precise or wider category of service your law firm is providing, e.g. personal injury attorney, marriage register, etc.

    Google map registers your office address and shows the searchers the business organization or law firm, which is in their proximity.

    Here you can publish various images, products, service details, and a lot more to give updates to your audience. It also helps your service or law firm to get reviews.

    Online Reputation Management

    Reviews from your existing clients make a big deal on the online marketing end. Hence, try to get positive reviews on Google My Business, website, social media platforms, and on every vertical. This can inspire people as well as Search Engines to boost your online presence.

    Constant and consistent effort in working on various mentioned strategies of online marketing can help you to get good exposure among netizens. The organic rank or traffic is an asset of your website, which can propagate your online reputation. On the other hand, paid services can give your website an instant boom.

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