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    Added on 25 June 2021

    Video SEO for Law Firms: The Ultimate Guide for Video Marketing

    25 June 2021

    Video SEO is the sky-rocketing trend of the era creating a lasting impression in the mind of the audience. Video content with 3-4 min clips about the various aspects of the law can boost the online presence of your law firm in no time. However, video SEO involves some strategy to get the desired result within a short period. Here we will take you through important steps to grow your law firm through Video SEO and explain the reasons.

    Various platforms to publish video content are YouTube channels, online workshops, webinars, vlogs, WhatsApp group, Telegram group, etc. You may publish it on your website, social media platforms, and several other digital media. According to statistics published by YouTube in 2017, YouTube attracts more than one billion viewers per hour.

    Let us first discuss each 5 most important reasons for using Video SEO and we will discuss strategies.

    Key Benefits or 5 Most Important Reasons to use Video Marketing

    Some key benefits of Video SEO are as follows:

    • Wider Reach – A video can go viral or publish in multiple media, which is more impactful and takes very little time.
    • Visual Impact – Most people love watching than reading. One can watch a video at any point in time with the ease of electronic gadgets. Listening and watching content is much easier than reading.
    • Cheaper – Publishing a video on digital mode is cheaper and easily accessible to all.
    • Informative – Matter related to law is often difficult to understand by common people. Therefore, a video clip explaining a judgment, an article of law, required lawful action against a crime, or similar issues are more demanding than written content.
    • Brand creation – Video content installs a personal connection with the client and lawyer, which makes the client confident about the specific law firm to represent them at court.

    Quality of the Video

    The video published by a law firm should be informative and relevant to general problems faced in the courtroom or come across in normal life related to law. The script should be easy to understand and engaging. The English language is fine; however, using regional language can support driving more traffic across your locality.

    A good script in lucid language, conversational tone, with a descriptive introduction, short sentence, to the point justified logic, and without jargon is effective. An ideal length of content for the video should be 2 min and 350 words.

    Strategies to Make a SEO Friendly Video

    SEO techniques are not only applicable on Google or other search engines rather it is effective on YouTube as well. Here we will discuss key factors to optimize your video for getting a wider reach on search engines.  


    We know that keywords are a vital part of SEO. Similarly for Video SEO of law firm impactful keyword is helpful. Keywords should have low SEO density and high search volume. Optimize the keyword evenly throughout the content as YouTube has integrated an automated English transcribing service. Through this process, YouTube can listen to your content. Keywords help this search engine to assess the topic and content in ranking it higher as a recommendation.


    The title should be Google and YouTube friendly within 60 characters including space. YouTube also appears in Google searches; hence, the video appears on the Google platform.

    Some phrases, like What is, How to, Guide to may be followed by a focus keyword integrated within it to enhance the value.

    Description of Video

    Written content is necessary for the video. Nevertheless, this description also needs to be optimized as this helps the readers and YouTube to understand the detail of the video.

    The first sentence should have a keyword and the same should be present up to 4 times throughout the content. There should be 2000 to 5000 characters in the description.

    The entire video should be in 3 or more chapters with a minimum of 10 sec of each chapter.


    Using highlighted keywords as tags can help to rank your content among your competitors. Many semantic keywords can be used as tags. These can also help the video to rank among the column of related videos.


    Using SEO-friendly caption helps search engines to index your video content. Captions can be added manually while uploading the video to reach hearing viewers.


    Thumbnail is the first impression that impacts the viewers and attracts them to view the video. For the law firm videos, you may use the attorney’s face or the image related to the content. Use a favorable hue palate and avoid clickbait.

    End Screen

    The end screen is in the last 5 – 20 sec to engage the audience through a Call to Action. E.g. contact for a first free consultation, subscribe, channel, playlist. Maximum up to five options can be obtained.

    Verification of the Channel

    Verify your channel as verified as it can let your law firm publish content longer than 15 min. The channel verification process is easy and requires authentic data to feed into the channel.


    The banner of the channel of your firm should be elegant, appealing, specific, informative, and professional. The image of the banner should not be copied from any other website or online media.


    Including a playlist on your channel can help your law firm to organize videos by topic and type helping viewers to find out their necessary content.

    Content of the Video

    The content must well explain the content related to law in lucid language. Include questions and answers to better demonstrate the complex issue like property registration, corporate issues, etc.


    A well-planned and SEO-optimized video content can convert leads into business. This augments the branding of your law firm among peer competitors and consumers. A promising digital presence also enhances your reliability as a reputed law firm. It affirms your position in all spheres.

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