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Added on 20 July 2022
Join me streaming live out of the nightclub discussing a pernicious gender ideology!

I'll be bringing you all the latest and breaking news on the topic of gender ideology and discussing the impact it's having on women's sports, our children and society in general.

So grab an icy drink, hit the stream link below and join in with the conversation!

#GenderIdeology #Gender #Trans #TransIdeology
Alex Bloodfire's Stream - Let's talk gender ideology 016 - Saturday 23rd July 2022 at 7 pm UK time youtube.com Grab a drink and join me live this Saturday 23rd July 2022 at 7 pm (UK Time)As usual, I'll be bringing you all the latest and breaking news on gender ideolog......

Added on 01 May 2022
My #Twitter account has been locked for over four months because my name @alexbloodfire is listed as one of the 4000 names targeted by trans activists.

Can people please bring this to the attention of #ElonMusk? Tell him I’d like my account back. And so would Graham Linehan, Meghan Murphy, Holly Lawford Smith, Wings Over Scotland and Fred Sargeant. In fact, now that the list is published, could Twitter use it to reinstate ALL these accounts?

Why I was banned from Twitter grahamlinehan.substack.com I was one of 4000 names targeted by trans activists...

Added on 11 July 2021
Added on 09 July 2021
My book Brock Steele Sphere, a spy fiction fast-paced adventure is available for pre-order

Brock Steele - Sphere - releasing on the 17th of July 2021 - available in paperback, kindle, nook, and many more!

#BrockSteele #BrockSteelesphere #Reading #ReadingCommunity #Books #Novels #AlexBloodfire

Added on 27 June 2021
Children questioning whether they are #trans need shielding from content on #CBBC and #Childline, a mother who claims her teenage son was “groomed” into taking #hormoneblockers has said.

#Children #Hormones
CBBC's trans messaging is damaging children, says mother telegraph.co.uk Woman claims her son was 'groomed' into taking hormone treatment by guidance from charities and media...

Added on 26 June 2021
Stonewall ambassador: I believed in the scheme to uphold rights but we created a monster thetimes.co.uk I was working at American Express in the heyday of Stonewall’s brilliant campaign for LGB equality at work. As a “Stonewall ambassador”, I was pleased and...

Added on 20 June 2021
It's as everybody feared; Tavistock gender clinic ‘converting’ gay children.

A gay psychologist who worked at the NHS’s only gender transition clinic for children spoke of his fears that the clinic was running “conversion therapy for gay kids”.

#Tavistock #tavistockclinic #NHS #genderclinic #trans #gay #conversiontherapy #ConvertingGayKids #SoniaAppleby #DrMattBristow

Tavistock gender clinic ‘converting’ gay children thetimes.co.uk A gay psychologist who worked at the NHS’s only gender transition clinic for children spoke of his fears that the clinic was running “conversion therapy for...

Added on 06 June 2021
How trans activism and science denial are destroying sport!

A book I highly recommend!
UNSPORTING by Linda Blade with Barbara Kay.

Sports categories are based in human biology. The ideal of fair play is inseparable from the biological pillars on which the level playing field rests.

Unsporting deals with how the trans activism and science denial are destroying sport!

Author and sport performance coach Linda Blade chronicles the systematic, two-decades-long erosion of those pillars by an ideology she describes as gender mysticism.

It's not too late

Added on 25 May 2021
I was the fastest girl in Connecticut.

But transgender #athletes made it an unfair fight. When I was forced to race male bodies on the track, colleges didn’t see the fastest female in Connecticut. They saw a second- or third-place runner.

#trans #transgender #womensports #sports


Added on 21 May 2021
"My degree is at risk... because I said women have vaginas!"

How a mother-of-two law student is facing disciplinary action from a university after speaking out during seminar on transgender issues (in a woke new world you thought couldn't get crazier)

#womensrights #women #student