Posted on 06 June at 11:16AM
How trans activism and science denial are destroying sport!

A book I highly recommend!
UNSPORTING by Linda Blade with Barbara Kay.

Sports categories are based in human biology. The ideal of fair play is inseparable from the biological pillars on which the level playing field rests.

Unsporting deals with how the trans activism and science denial are destroying sport!

Author and sport performance coach Linda Blade chronicles the systematic, two-decades-long erosion of those pillars by an ideology she describes as gender mysticism.

It's not too late

Posted on 25 May at 02:12PM
I was the fastest girl in Connecticut.

But transgender #athletes made it an unfair fight. When I was forced to race male bodies on the track, colleges didn’t see the fastest female in Connecticut. They saw a second- or third-place runner.

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Posted on 07 January 2019 at 09:26PM
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Sports Logic
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