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Father of cricket
William Gilbert Grace, 18 July 1848–23 October 1915, an English amateur cricketer, is regarded as the father of cricket. Grace, a right handed batsman and bowler, controlled the game for most of his career. His profound influence and technical discoveries left an enduring legacy. 

WG Grace was a superb all around player who was exceptional at all three key positions of batting, bowling, and fielding, but is most well known for his batting. He is credited with developing contemporary batsmanship. He typically started the innings and was well regarded for his command of all strokes. Modern commentators described his level of proficiency as being exceptional.
Who is the father of cricket | TheVintageCricket thevintagecricket.com WILLIAM GILBERT GRACE, is known as the "Father of Cricket." He was an English amateur cricketer who was prominent in the sport's growth

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Classic Golf of the Carolinas
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The Classic is a hybrid paddle pistol grip.  Both sides of the classic are flat and designed to fill out the palms of both hands.  The grip tapers from top to bottom and features our patented off-centre shaft technology.

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Apple TV App To Present All Major League Soccer Matches Around the World for 10 Years, Beginning in 2023.

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Apple TV App To Present All Major League Soccer Matches Around the World for 10 Years, Beginning in 2023 heshmore.com In a historic first for sports, fans can stream every single MLS match through the Apple TV app, without any local blackouts or restrictions.CUPERTINO, Calif, June 14, 2022 - Apple® and Major League Soccer (MLS) today announced that the Apple TV® app will be the exclusive destination to watch ev

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Casual sports sweatsuits online pushinptfashion

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Classic Golf of the Carolinas
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How trans activism and science denial are destroying sport!

A book I highly recommend!
UNSPORTING by Linda Blade with Barbara Kay.

Sports categories are based in human biology. The ideal of fair play is inseparable from the biological pillars on which the level playing field rests.

Unsporting deals with how the trans activism and science denial are destroying sport!

Author and sport performance coach Linda Blade chronicles the systematic, two-decades-long erosion of those pillars by an ideology she describes as gender mysticism.

It's not too late