Added on 28 May 2019

    World most rich countries

    28 May 2019

    There are not less than 200 nations in the world. There are numerous that earn billions and trillions as their revenue at the end of every year. But not many would know which one is the top in the list of World most rich countries. Well, not many would know which remains at the top in terms of wealth and revenue generation. We have found out the best list for you that can be included in the top five nations in the world in terms of their earning capacity per world per capita. These rankings are based as per the IMF released data on the GDP per capital that is based on the buying power capacity and then comparing their currencies in terms of cost and the nation’s economy in terms to the IMF.

    This may come as a surprise to many but this small country based in Middle East seems to be among the richest nations in the world as per capita. The total population of this country is around 2.27 million with the total GDP reaching to around $124,930 per person that makes the country to reach at the top making the nation at the top in 2017 as per the IMF. Despite facing some low prices for the natural resources like the hydrocarbon, which is the key source of revenue for Qatar as used for fuel, the country has gone steady. The GDP growth for Qatar has been expected to grow in 2017.


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