Added on 28 May 2019

    Most Luxurious Homes in the World

    28 May 2019

    As we see the world, it seems to transform with every passing day. Interestingly, most of the rich and wealthy people are becoming richer, and they have got the huge, gigantic and luxurious abodes to vouch for it.  The super-rich people, including the owner of IT giant or the top stars of Hollywood, are known to have lavish and luxurious homes. They own multi-million dollar homes that appear mighty towers and huge estates. Well, it would be interesting to see their exorbitant abodes that remain the Most Luxurious Homes in the World, have a look as under:

    The first to be named in this list is certainly the Beverly House, which is located three blocks from the famous Sunset Boulevard and has the market value of $135 million. It is based on 6 acres of land and has several smaller homes as well apart from the main house made with H-shape and carried the Italian- and Spanish-style. It features around 50 feet entry hall that is carved intricately. The house is designed by the famous architect called Gordan Kaufmann while was built by banking executive Milton Getz. This house is the Most Luxurious Homes in the World.


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