Added on 24 May 2019

    Reasons why expensive things makes differences in humans

    24 May 2019

    The evidence seems to be unequivocal: Money has the potentials to make you happy as you can own all the expensive stuff with you. You need to know what you can do with the power of money. Now, let’s understand the reasons why expensive things makes differences in humans.

    There is a tendency among the consumers and particularly among the rich and wealthy people. If it is expensive things, it has to be worth its value and money. Hence buying expensive things makes a huge difference. May be buying an extraordinary ring with expensive stone in it but it is expensive it would be worth flaunting and making the others feel the pride and innovation in it. Even if you buy an expensive coffee, rich people feel the satisfaction of getting something worthy and of quality. The fact of the matter is you can get the best of the quality only when you put high money and great stuff to enjoy. Even if you are buying a car or a consumer item, you make sure that you get the expensive as it makes a great difference in the life of a rich. They can flaunt it easily with pride allowing the neighbors envy.

    Flaunt with Pride

    As said above, one of the ways buying expensive and exorbitantly expensive stuff makes a difference is that it gives the reasons to flaunt before your circle. The magazines like Forbes and other periodicals are there to enlist you at the top and allow you to flaunt all your stuff that remain expensive in the market. This could be your car, your outfit, your accessories, your home, your stuff at your place and many more things.

    Raises your Status in society

    The other way buying expensive stuff makes a difference in your life is by escalating the status and standard among the society your life. Desire, luxury and status are something that have remained since ages and would remain in the coming times as well. Perhaps, there are many people who have written the books on it and one man who remains both the economist and sociologist in his book called Torstein Veblen published way back in 1899 suggested that buying the rich and expensive stuff are one of the best ways to communicate with your social status to others. Further talking about the same, he said that buying luxury goods and wealthy stuff like homes or cars are nothing but the kind of wealth signaling or something like peacocking.

    Wrapping up

    We can further argue that buying the expensive stuff remains to be a symbolic hierarchy, and thus remains the means to enforce the distance or distinction from different classes found in the society. Thus in this way one can have various reasons to buy expensive stuff and the way it makes the difference in our lives.


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