Added on 24 May 2019

    Most Expensive Gifts in World

    24 May 2019

    Although gifts are not gauged with the value of money provided anyone gives by his or her own heart yet the value of money comes into the picture when these remain expensive. Come the festive time, we see people giving away a number of gifts.  Be in the offices or in family, gifts play an important role in strengthening the relationships a lot. But when it turns out to be the most expensive one, it becomes the talk of the town. How about catching up the list of some of the Most Expensive Gifts in World which the tycoons have exchanged with their loving partners, have a look as under:

    Duleep Singh the last King of Sikh Empire presented Queen Victoria with the 186-carat Koh-i-noor diamond in the year 1849. Three years later, as the princess found the giant gem a bit dull, the consort Prince Albert was seen cutting it down to a more brilliant 105.6 carats. Today, we find it to be set in the Queen Mother’s crown and happens to be a highlight of the British Crown Jewels.  Though the value of this gift is inestimable, the 45.42-carat Hope Diamond has the value more than $250 million.


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