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    Added on 31 March 2019

    Outsource Web Development Wisely

    31 March 2019

    The opportunity to outsource web development; either to a local software development team or a web development company overseas is a dilemma for both startups and larger companies when building websites or other web products. It is not easy to outsource web development. You should conduct a great screening process to find the proper vendor. As soon as everything is settled, you may benefit from the many advantages of web outsourcing. 

    There some disadvantages concerning web development outsourcing:

    • Negative previous software outsourcing experience
    • Worries about different time zones, language barriers, cultural differences
    • Insecurity about the service quality and final result
    • Fear of lack of control over project development
    • Risk of exposing confidential information

    Now you will read about the benefits of working with web development project outsourcing companies and you will see that some of the reasons against it can be seen from a positive side.

    Here are 10 core reasons why you should outsource web development.

    1. Cost savings

    The biggest advantage you will get as soon as you decide to outsource web development is considerable budget savings. If you hire freelance, local, or offshore web developers, it is cheaper than hiring your own development team. You can save from 20% to 70% of your budget depending on your location.

    Here you will read about the difference between hiring a local development team or outsourcing web development services.

    2. Focus on key business activities

    When the software outsourcing project work is settled and all the details have been discussed, what you need to do is to provide feedback and work approval. A professional software development agency will give updates to its customers and recommendations during the whole web development outsourcing process.  

    You can dedicate the rest of your time to the core business operations such as marketing, promotion, sales, building networks with key partners, participating in events, and concentrating on building your customer base, etc.

    3. Reach out to the top experts

    Some projects need strong technical expertise that you may lack, like Blockchain architecture experts and VR & AR developers that are quite hard to find locally. However, these local specialists cost a lot more in comparison with overseas web developers. In such a way, web outsourcing helps you to choose the best website developer for your project.

    4. Combined knowledge & broader skill set

    It is another reason to outsource web development. You can access a pool of tech resources suitable for your project where each adds their value. The team consists of Quality Assurance Engineer, Software Architect, Business Analyst, Project Manager, Frontend and Backend Web Developers, Web Designer, etc., and each of them is an expert in a particular field.

    5. Quicker process organization & Development speed

    When you outsource web development, a team will choose corresponding web developers on top of a project manager in the early stages. This will help to meet your web project deadline and speed up the software development process. The thing is that the faster you launch your web project to the market, the better.

    On the other hand, if you choose to hire a team of web developers in-house, the process will be much slower. You must organize all the HR operations, hiring & onboarding process, perks, vacations, days off, and so on. It means that you spend a lot of time and money compared to the organization of outsourcing web development.

    6. Flexibility

    The majority of web development outsourcing companies work in compliance with flexible software development methodologies. Some of these frameworks include Scrum, Kanban, etc., where the work is broken down into smaller parts which means that a team can organize the work on a project to make the necessary pivots and adjust technical staff accordingly.

    7. Scalability of your web project

    Scaling a web project with a remote team means that it has vast experience in project scalability and adding more manpower according to the work capacity and peak periods. On the other hand, if you manage a web development team on-site then it is necessary to add additional web developers whom you would need to find, hire, and onboard to the web project.

    8. Risks management and mitigation

    The biggest concern why many refuse to outsource web development is a high level of uncertainty and the number of risks mostly connected with a limited level of control over a project. The situation is quite the opposite as soon as you have chosen the right web development outsourcing company with proper communication guidelines, efficient project management standards, and capable web developers.

    9. Business support

    Professional web development outsourcing companies cover not only the technical part of a project but also the business potential for general project success. The following services are quite helpful to maximize the outcome: market research, competitor analysis, and project concept preparation.

    10. Security

    You will have better coverage against IT security breaches with the help of outsourcing software development. An experienced software dev team will assure that the code and processes that go into developing any web application are secure.

    Besides, in order to keep your web project idea and materials confidential, experienced companies sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) with you.

    This table summarizes the information in favor of outsourcing web development rather than hiring a local development team or freelancer.

    There are many reasons for web development outsourcing, especially for smaller companies and startups. The key benefits of outsourcing web development are cost reduction, broad skill sets, great tech experts, and risk mitigation.

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