ICE Group Hospitality Warehouse

    Added on 04 June 2019
    This is a #Baron Brand #pastacooker, model 7CP/E400. Into making pasta, love midnight, mid-day snack, or maybe someone who thinks pasta is life. This one is for you. Perfect for any occasion which demands excessive cooking like, hosting a party or having a family dinner. Diners and restaurants can also benefit from this 26-liter capacity pasta cooker. visit as at :- https://bit.ly/2EU1vLA

    Added on 31 May 2019
    Quickly and easily cook large quantities of food with the reliable and efficient Birko Commercial #Microwave 1201800. The combination of two powerful magnetrons alongside simple touch-button programmable controls ensure that food is cooked consistently and thoroughly every time.@ https://bit.ly/2Ki2oAP

    Added on 31 May 2019
    A fantastic quality, reliable #commercial #microwave, the Birko 1201101 offers fast, simple, cost-effective heating and cooking for caf├ęs, restaurants and more. With its huge 34 litre capacity, twin magnetrons and handy shelf, large quantities of food can be quickly.@ https://bit.ly/2Xi8wN8

    Added on 31 May 2019
    Designed to fit neatly and attractively on any bench top, the Birko #BainMarie 1110103 includes all the features you would expect on a top quality hot food holding solution. Ideal for holding liquid foods such as curry, gravy. visit us more :- https://bit.ly/2EJ4aaG

    Added on 31 May 2019
    Make perfect, aromatic coffee every time with the best selling Birko #CoffeePercolator. Simple to operate and maintain, the percolator holds up to 40 cups (6 litres) of coffee, making it ideal for use in hotels, self-service breakfast and more. visit as at :- https://bit.ly/2HL68cx

    Added on 30 May 2019
    Produce deliciously light, high margin doughnuts every time with the Australian made Roband FD10 #Commercial #DoughnutFryer. Simple to use, the fryer features precise temperature control to ensure perfect results. visit us at :- https://bit.ly/2HL2KP1