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    Here at PlaneHistoria, we love to document, discuss, explain and simply ponder all the fascinating history of these aircraft.
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    Here at PlaneHistoria, we love to document, discuss, explain and simply ponder all the fascinating history of these aircraft. More
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    General Dynamics F-16 – The Rebirth of the Dogfighter | PlaneHistoria

    Do you know about The General Dynamics F-16 – The Rebirth of the Dogfighter has always been a workhorse? The aircraft entered service in the 1970s and saw action in Israel, Turkey, and other nations around the world. Despite its age, the fighter has remained relevant for several reasons. First, it’s relatively cheap to maintain and operate, particularly compared to newer models like the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF). Second,

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    Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird – The Plane Designed to Leak | PlaneHistoria

    Do you know about the Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird – the Plane Designed to Leak? PlaneHistoria provides the history of the SR-71 Blackbird aircraft, which was designed and built by Lockheed from 1964 to 1989. An all-black aircraft, it was used for reconnaissance missions over the Soviet Union, North Vietnam, and other areas of interest around the globe.

    Moreover, it was built to withstand extreme pressure and heat. And it did just

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    C-5 Galaxy – The Big Daddy | PlaneHistoria

    The C-5 Galaxy is the Big Daddy of the transport aircraft world. It can lift 100,000 pounds over 4,500 nautical miles before refueling, making it the perfect choice for transporting military equipment and personnel. The C-5 has a massive cargo capacity of up to 20,000 cubic feet, making it perfect for transporting large military vehicles and equipment. The C-5 is also equipped with a powerful engine, making it capable of carrying out rapid

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    Sukhoi Su-34 Fullback – Russia’s Supermaneuverable Bomber | PlaneHistoria

    The Sukhoi Su-34 Fullback is a multipurpose aircraft that entered the services of the Russian Air Force in 2014. This aircraft is a true masterpiece of modern engineering and technology. During a long process of development, the Su-34 received the most updated technology to match the requests of the recent operational environment. This was best proven during the Syrian civil war, where the Su-34 displayed exceptional performance against ISIS and rebel targets.

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    SEPECAT Jaguar – Jet Trainer turned Nuclear Attacker | PlaneHistoria

    Introducing the SEPECAT Jaguar - a jet trainer turned nuclear attacker. The Jaguar was designed in the 1960s as a jet trainer. But as with many aviation projects, they grow in scope and become more expensive. This Anglo-French venture eventually became a supersonic tactical nuclear-capable aircraft.

    It ended up being a huge success and despite aircraft being built from 1968 – 1981, it is still in service with the Indian Air Force,

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    General Dynamics F-16 – The Rebirth of the Dogfighter | PlaneHistoria

    Do you know the General Dynamics F-16 – the rebirth of the dogfighter? This is the fighter that took air combat to the next level. This is the fighter that redefined the art of the possible. This is the fighter that made you king of the skies. The F-16 was the product of a group of maverick pilots and engineers who were unafraid to think outside the box. They were

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    The English Electric Lightning was the first British jet aircraft to enter service, and like all early jets it suffered from severe airframe buffeting. This was caused by the shockwaves produced as the air rushing past the rear of the aircraft created a ‘wake’, or disturbance in the airflow behind the aircraft. The Lightning was also highly fuel inefficient.
    Despite these disadvantages it was a very capable aircraft. It had excellent range, payload and climb rate, and could operate from short,
    English Electric Lightning - Very Very Frightning planehistoria.com Even while the iconic Spitfire was still in frontline service with the RAF, plans were being drawn up for a new generation of combat aircraft that would

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    In December of 1942, the infamous Victor Bomber was flown by a team of engineers from Bell Aircraft to an Air Force base at Clinton Field in North Carolina. The aircraft was built for the US Army Air Forces as a transport plane, but it was never mass-produced. Instead, it was used mostly by the Army Air Forces’ 456th Bomb Group during World War II. Unlike most bombers of its time, the Victor bomber was designed to be flown by
    That Time When a Victor Bomber Accidentally Took Off planehistoria.com In 2009 a famous incident occurred at the Bruntingthorpe Aerodrome, United Kingdom, involving a Cold War Handley Page Victor bomber.

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    Tupolev ANT-20 Maxim Gorky – Once the Largest Aircraft in the World
    By the early 1930s, the question of how to build an aircraft that could fly faster than the speed of sound was a pressing one. It was especially important for both military and commercial aviation because it would make it possible for aircraft to travel long distances in a short amount of time.
    In October 1929, Tupolev presented its ANT-20 to the Soviet government. This was an improved version of

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    Douglas X-3 Stiletto – The Flying Shoe
    The Douglas X-3 Stiletto was a series of experimental, VTOL aircraft developed by the Douglas Aircraft Company. It would have been the first practical VTOL aircraft, and represented the technical limit for the aircraft at the time.
    The first X-3 was released in 1945 – with only one prototype being built. The airframe was a large single-seat, low-wing monoplane with an unconventional tailplane arrangement. The prototype X-3 used a four-stroke radial engine. After testing the