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Explore the world of soft & oil pastel wall art at Pastel Art Prints Shop online for a wide range of wonderful pastel art works by award winning artists.
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  • Unit 13 2 Skinner Street, Hastings, Victoria, 3915
Added on 27 February 2019
Ways How You Can Arrange Artwork to Your Home

A good way to ensure you're placing pastel wall art at the right height is to hang it one hand width above the sofa.Make sure your arrangement matches your decorating style.

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Added on 07 December 2018
Living Room Ideas & Decor- Pastel Wall Art

Get inspired with living room ideas and try an original way to add a new life to your living room area. Pastel wall art is an original and exciting way to embellish your house. With many types of pastel printing in the market, it is a frightening process to find walls art that conveys your style and flavor.
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Added on 28 November 2018
Tips For Great Home Decor

For a house owner, there is no evade when it comes to home decorating designs. New designs help successfully pass obsolete design designs and follow ones that are capable of improving the benefit of a residing. While internal designs i.e Beach Art Prints change and develop, some stay longer than others. One of those that has is pastel wall art.

Added on 21 November 2018
How To Make A Beach Scene Bedroom ?

Beach Art Prints is a marvelous way to express my delight in visiting beaches all over the world. Beach paintings will bring you everlasting memories of summers past and will be a talking point in your home.

Added on 15 November 2018
How To Start Pastel Paintings?
Learn artwork with pastels in 5 easy steps! Phase 1: Create a difficult draw of your topic. Phase 2: Complete the basic color scheme. Phase 3: Begin adding shades. Phase 4: Add the fine information. Phase 5: Eliminate the dirt.

Added on 30 October 2018
Tips - How to Paint With Pastels

Pastels may appear to be anything but difficult to work with at first, however they do require practice and persistence. Every pastel has its own color focus and restricting which can change the manner in which a painter paints with them. It can be hard to work with pastels, yet it is absolutely fun.


Added on 15 October 2018
Beautiful Accents with Pastel Home Paintings

Even without #painting the walls, the right pastel home decor and furniture can add friendly accents. The more muted the tone, the more wintry the impression. Once you find a painting or Beach Art Prints that you absolutely love, you can use that piece as the inspiration for you room’s eventual color palette. There are a variety of pastel paintings to redecorate your home without repainting the walls or investing in new furniture.


Added on 04 October 2018
7 Best Wall Decor Ideas for Home

If you think paint is the only way to decorate your home’s blank walls, then it’s time to get aware of some creative and fun ways to transform your boring walls. Pastel wall art #paintings, #scaleart, mirrors, and posters are some of the common ways to add a new life to dull walls.

Added on 25 September 2018
Some Effective Tricks for Better Pastel Painting

The art of pastel painting is old yet refreshing and painting with pastels is challenging. Painting with pastels is tricky yet interesting. Learn about pastel types and techniques to work with them. We teach you new techniques to improve your art. https://pastelartprints.com/effective-tricks-for-better-pastel-painting/

Added on 07 August 2018
Make Beautiful Painting with Pastels. Do you want to learn the art of creating pastel art? Pastel Art Prints is home to unique art prints created by popular artists. Plus, there are pastel art tutorials with modules to make you aware of great painting techniques. https://pastelartprints.com/tutorials/everything-you-need-to-start-pastel-painting/