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  • Unit 13 2 Skinner Street, Hastings, Victoria, 3915
Explore the world of soft & oil pastel wall art at Pastel Art Prints Shop online for a wide range of wonderful pastel art works by award winning artists.
  • Limited Edition Pastel Wall Art by award winning artists
  • Unit 13 2 Skinner Street, Hastings, Victoria, 3915
Added on 15 October 2018
Beautiful Accents with Pastel Home Paintings

Even without #painting the walls, the right pastel home decor and furniture can add friendly accents. The more muted the tone, the more wintry the impression. Once you find a painting or Beach Art Prints that you absolutely love, you can use that piece as the inspiration for you room’s eventual color palette. There are a variety of pastel paintings to redecorate your home without repainting the walls or investing in new furniture.


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