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    Added on 12 May 2021

    What Makes a Good Strata Manager: Qualifications and Laws

    12 May 2021

    Living in a strata scheme necessitates appointing a strata manager to handle various day-to-day tasks and responsibilities. But, what is a strata manager? And more importantly, what are their responsibilities within the overall strata scheme? Plenty of tenants and owners aren't familiar with exactly what a manager does, even though they have an enormous impact on the administrative portion of the strata scheme.

    Strata managers have a plethora of duties and responsibilities, which is why it's important to choose one that's good at the job. To get some perspective on what makes a strata manager "good,” we have to go over the tasks that they have to complete regularly. Here are the most notable examples:

    Finances and taxes

    The strata property manager acts on behalf of the owner's corporation to take care of various financial aspects of the strata scheme. Whether it's the insurance for the property's building or the payment of the utility bills, they have to prepare a budget and present it to the owner's corporation, which then acts on behalf of all the owners and tenants.

    The owner's corporation comes up with an administrative fund that the individual owners pay, while the manager ensures these fees are paid for on time.

    Safety compliance

    There are numerous Australian laws that owners have to adhere to if they live in a strata complex. Everything from lift to fire safety certifications has to be covered, though these elements are the job of a strata manager. They are supposed to proactively research these laws in particular jurisdictions, assess the state of the strata property, and make sure that everything is compliant.

    It's not something that they handle alone, though. They can and should cooperate with the strata committee to ensure that the property is compliant with safety regulations. With their help, a strata manager can assess the problems of the property and get all necessary services available to residents.

    Handling interpersonal relations

    One of the many responsibilities of strata managers includes keeping relations between the various owners and tenants harmonious. This is done through the administration of various tasks throughout the strata scheme. The manager has to explicitly communicate the rules that govern the scheme so that individuals on the property are informed of them.

    When there's a dispute between individuals, it's the responsibility of the strata manager to act as a mediator in an unbiased manner. Sometimes there will be issues over pets, noise complaints, and parking spots, while other times there will be more serious infractions that disturb the peace of the scheme. It's their job to offer a reasonable solution or compromise that will benefit the parties involved. In situations that include theft charges or serious property damage, it would be best to consult legal assistance.

    Proper administration

    Whether they live in Perth, Sydney, or any other city, strata managers have to deal with various administrative tasks. Managers in a strata scheme correspond with owners on issues that affect the building or complex. If the tenant raises any queries that are directed to an owner, the strata manager relays this information to them.

    On a larger scale, the manager can set up meetings and act as its chair while discussing issues and problems within the scheme. For more serious and complicated issues, an owner's corporation can look elsewhere to find assistance for administrative needs. Some strata schemes enlist the help of Strata Management Northern Beaches to help them deal with managing disputes and building problems. With professional assistance, it's a lot easier to handle issues in a legal and compliant manner.

    Holding the strata roll

    The strata manager helps the owner's corporation by keeping the strata roll in their custody. The strata roll is a document that contains the contact information of all the owners and tenants on the strata property. It's used to serve notices and stay in contact with the individuals in the strata scheme. The data that it features includes the owner's and property manager’s full name, address, email, and phone number, as well as the same info from the tenants.

    The strata manager must record and add additional information to the strata roll. Things like the building's address, relevant bylaws, and total unit entitlements are their responsibility, and they have to be featured on the roll.


    Being a strata manager is no simple task. Everything from the finances to small disputes needs to be handled by a skilled and experienced manager so that there's no bad blood between owners. While it may be a thankless job, it's compensated well in many cases, and the position is often taken by professionals who know how to deal with these situations.

    If your strata scheme is in need of a manager, it's recommended that you enlist the help of a professional, so that you can resolve disputes and pay levies as quickly and efficiently as possible. With the correct kind of assistance, the management position can breathe new life into the strata scheme and improve day-to-day function on the property

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