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    Added on 22 March 2021

    Is It Over? Five Signs Your Relationship Is About to End

    22 March 2021

    With changes in family settings, lifestyle, and modern ways of living, it seems more marriages and relationships now break up than stay together. Regardless of the years you have been together, some significant signs may give you clues that your relationship is about to end.

    If you notice signs of a breakup, it is important to have a competent lawyer protecting your interests. A qualified family lawyer can help protect you from domestic violence as well as protect your properties and assets when, finally, the ties break. They can also mediate conflict and try solving the issues facing your relationship before you call it quits.

    Depending on the family setup, relationship type, or responsibilities, the end of a relationship has some indicators. Read for five signs that may show you that your relationship is ending.

    • Changing Behaviors

    You might have married the best wife or husband, and things have been flowing smoothly until issues came up. Some people own mistakes and try to build their families after a misunderstanding, while others change their behaviors for the worse.

    If your spouse changes their behavior, it could be a sign that your relationship is ending. For instance, your spouse may prefer to go drinking than to stay home, start spending money without involving other family members, or even have an affair. All these are signs that the relationship could be on the verge of breaking up. You can decide to work on your relationship by talking to your mediator or a counselor. But without any intervention, this relationship is unlikely to survive.

    • Cheating

    Someone who unconditionally loves you will never cheat. Before getting married, you might have exchanged vows to stay together forever. However, you may discover that your partner is cheating on you, with little regard for your feelings.

    If you find out that your partner is cheating on you and doesn't care about it, that's an early sign they have moved on and the relationship can’t be salvaged. Cheating is one of the worst things a partner can do, as it breaches trust and causes insecurity in the relationship. It takes years to build trust again.

    • Misdirected Anger

    People get angry for various reasons, including work pressure, road rage, low moods, and even a bad day. Some do control the anger to avoid damaging their relationship and hurting their spouses, but not all.

    If your partner gets angry often and directs all the anger to you, you might be their punching bag, which symbolizes the relationship is no more, or its value has depreciated.

    • Unsupportive Spouse

    Having a supportive spouse is everybody’s dream. We all have struggles that require a shoulder to lean on or get help. Those who truly love each other do so, helping build their relationship. What if your spouse stops providing this unwavering support?

    In most cases, when a relationship is ending, spouses withdraw their support from their spouses and even the children. They portray a don't-care attitude, which signifies it's time to leave. If you’re facing such an issue, talk to your spouse about the issues to salvage your relationship.

    • Toxic People

    Some partners don't accommodate their spouses' friends or workmates. They may be suffering from self-control issues or hatred between the spouse and the affected parties. If it's something related to self-control issues, you can ask for guidance to solve the problem.

    However, if it's because there is hatred between your partner and friends, you may have to break one part—your spouse or friends, depending on factors leading to hatred, including disrespecting the spouse or vice versa.

    Is It Time to Call It a Day?

    It's not easy moving from one relationship to another. Ending a relationship can cause despair, hatred, anger, and other disastrous emotions. It would help to check these signs earlier and try solving them to avoid ending the relationship when possible. You can seek professional help to solve the issues amicably.

    If everything fails, it's better to end the relationship than suffer severe consequences. You don't have to suffer pain, injuries, or depression for something you can just walk out on. Get a family law attorney who will help finalize the divorce processes and prevent such pain and injuries.

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