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    Added on 13 September 2019

    How to Pair a Google Home with an iPhone

    13 September 2019

    When you are at your home, you don’t need to have your smartphone or tablet always with you. In case you have a smart speaker like Apple HomePod, Google Home, or Amazon Echo device already installed in your room, then you can give verbal commands.

    To know the steps to pair a Google Home with an iPhone, follow the instructions mentioned in this article.

    Steps for using Google Home with your iPhone

    • Pair the Google Home and iPhone with the same WiFi network which you are currently using at home.
    • Begin the downloading procedure of the Google Home app on the iPhone.
    • You will get the Google Home app from the App Store.
    • Enable the Bluetooth of the iPhone.
    • Then, begin the installation process of the Google Home app.
    • Once you have installed the Google Home app.
    • Press on its icon to open the Google Home app.
    • Click on the Add option.
    • Click on the Set Up Device button.
    • Then, select the option which indicates “Set Up New Devices in your Home”.
    • Press on the “Set Up New Devices in your Home” option.
    • The Home app will begin the scanning process of the Google Home devices.
    • After searching for the Google Home device that you wish to pair, press on it.
    • Tap on the Next option.
    • After the Google Home app will start pairing the smart speaker and the iPhone.
    • The Google Home device will play a sound.
    • After listening to that sound, click on the Yes button.
    • You need to choose the room where you wish to set up the Google Home device.
    • Select the room where the device is situated.
    • After that, click on the Next option.
    • Once you have completed all this procedure, give a command to the Google Assistant with the voice.
    • After doing that, click on the Read the Information related to it.
    • Once you have gone through the details, click on the Next option.
    • Google Home device will use the Voice Match feature to command the Google Assistant.
    • You need to command “Hey Google or Okay Google”  Google Assistant.
    • Click on the Continue option.
    • Once you have spoken to the Google Assistant, you need to choose the Google Assistant Voice.
    • Do you want to view personalized results? Then, you need to unselect the Allow button by pressing on it.
    • To permit the Google Home to view the personalized results, you can use the personal details.
    • You need to tell the Google Home your real address.
    • Choose the Media Services option.
    • Press on these services, check the steps which are showing on display.
    • After that, press Next.
    • Enter the personalized name.
    • Click Next.
    • Do you want to see the emails regarding the Google Home device? Then you need to sign up first.
    • The Summary menu will display on the screen.
    • Press on the Continue option.
    • Click Finish Setup.


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