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    Added on 05 September 2019

    How to Delete All of Your Instagram Direct Messages

    05 September 2019

    Instagram doesn’t allow users to delete all the direct messages at once. But you can delete all the messages at once. If you want to know the steps to delete all of your Instagram direct messages, then go through the instructions mentioned in this article.

    Steps to delete all your conversations at once

    • Click on the Direct Message option.
    • It is located on the upper right-hand side of the home screen.
    • Select the conversation which you wish to remove.
    • Pull it to the left-hand side of the screen.
    • Click on the Delete option.
    • After completing these steps, the conversation gets removed from the inbox,
    • Make sure that the other person still can view the conversation.
    • In case you want to remove a particular conversation, then start using the Search bar to get that chats instead of scrolling to the Direct Message inbox.
    • Enter the name of the person.
    • It is given in the text field.
    • This is located at the upper side of the display to search and remove the conversation.

    Source:- How to Delete All of Your Instagram Direct Messages

    Steps to delete particular messages

    • Keep pressing on the text which you wish to share with anyone.
    • Choose the Unsend Message option.
    • It will remove the message for the sender and recipient.
    • In case you have sent a message by mistake, then you need to do it for each text individually.

    Steps to delete all the things through AutoClicker

    • Open the Instagram application.
    • Open the AutoClicker application.
    • Click on the Enable option.
    • It is given below the Multi Targets Mode.
    • It will permit you to have many points of clicking.
    • By signing in your Instagram account, click on the Direct Messages display.
    • Keep pressing on an olive plus icon for creating the swipe point.
    • You will get the circle with the one circumscribed into it.
    • Pull the swipe point to the first chat located in the Direct Message window.
    • Start moving the circle, which is on the second column in the first circle.
    • Press on the circle to open the settings tab.
    • Keep pressing on the first chat so that you can view the taps.
    • Now, you will get the pop-up menu on the screen.
    • Press on the plus symbol for adding the tap point.
    • Pull the tap point to the prompt menu, which indicates the “Delete” option.
    • Press on the delete line.
    • Now, you will get the deletion confirmation message on the screen.
    • Press on the plus symbol for adding the tap point.
    • Pull the tap point to the prompt box line.
    • Press on the cancel option.
    • Click on the gear symbol.
    • Start saving the script.
    • Press on an azure color Run option to open the script.

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