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    Added on 10 September 2019

    5 Ways Google Assistant Can Help You Drive Safe

    10 September 2019

    According to an official report in the US, 14% of road accidents happen due to the use of mobile. Our phones are the main distractions while driving the car. Surprisingly there comes the Google Assistant which lets us control the phone without even touching or looking at it.

    With Google Assistant, you can play music, make and receive phone calls, text messages, and much more while driving. In order to do so, you have to learn all these features that can help you in driving safely. Make your Google Assistant a live assistant for you even when driving.

    You can do most of the basic things via voice commands even reduce and increase the volume.

    So what’s the wait? Let’s dive in.

    Playing and Favorite Music 

    Do you play music while driving? If yes, then from now on you won’t need to use your phone to play music on it. As we told you above, Google Assistant can help you to find and play your favorite music. But, first, you have to tweak some settings on the Assistant to play music with a voice command.

    Here’s how to set up a music app or service in Google Assistant:

    • Open Google Assistant then hit on the blue color drawer icon.
    • Tap the “Menu (three vertical dots )” button, and press the Settings.
    • Go to the Music option.
    • Now select a music service that you use mostly to play songs. Set it as default.

    Now you are done. Try to play a song by saying, “Hey Google, Play Bohemian Rhapsody,” and then your device will automatically play the song.

    Making Phone Calls 

    Making phone calls manually while driving on the highways can cost you your life. However, with Google Assistant, you can do that just by saying, “Okay Google, call David.”

    Even though making phone calls while driving can cause a disturbance, so if there is a severe emergency, then only use Google Assistant to call someone.

    Also, if you are going to use this feature while driving then before using it on the way to practice and train yourself at home to make phone calls quickly. You may have to speak out loud and clear to give correct commands.

    Reading and Sending Messages 

    It is almost impossible to type messages while driving on busy roads or highways.

    With Google Assistant, you can type and send messages using your voice commands. So you won’t even have to move your eyes from the road while texting.

    Here’s how to send texts with Google Assistant while driving:

    • Speak out, “Hey Google, send a message to Romeo Charles.”
    • If you have more than one similar contact name, then Google Assistant will ask which one to call, and you will have to touch the phone manually.
    • Now a new tab window will be opened on your device, and Google will ask you for the message that you want to send. There you have to Speak out your message clearly, and Google Assistant will type it for you.
    • The message will be automatically sent. You will not require to get off your hands from the steering in the whole process.

    Using Google Maps Navigation

    Say, “Okay Google, navigate to California” and leave all of your burden on Google Assistant. It is that easy, seriously. No need to stop the car in order to set navigation. Just ask Google and it will navigate you.

    Adjusting Volume 

    Is your partner saying something but you can’t hear it due to loud music? No need to get off your eyes from the road, instead of that says, “Hey Google Decrease the volume by 90 percent.” If you want to increase the volume, say, “Okay Google, turn up the volume by 100%.” You can adjust your volume by any amount.

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