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    Added on 22 March 2021

    Top 3 Innovative Ways to Learn GCF

    22 March 2021

    While dealing with numbers, the greatest tool available for simplifying fractions is the GCF. Greatest Common Factor, or GCF, is the highest number that divides a given number into two or more equal parts. In different parts of the world, this concept is given different names. Greatest Common Divisor (GCD) and Highest Common Factor (HCF) are other names for GCF. If a factor is shared by two or more given numbers, it is referred to as a common factor. The common factor with the highest value is known as the GCF of the given numbers.

    There are two different ways that can be used for finding the GCF of given numbers - prime factorization and listing methods.

    ● Prime Factorization Method - the given numbers are expressed as the product of their prime factors. We then take the common prime factors and multiply them to get the GCF.

    ● Listing Method - the factors of all the given numbers are listed. Then the common factors are pulled out, and the one with the highest value is the GCF.

    It can get quite confusing for kids to study a topic such as GCF. They have to learn the various properties and then move on to solving complicated word problem sums. Thus, in this article, we will see a few ways to combat this issue.

    1. Get Motivated

    When kids think of Mathematics, they approach the subject with fear due to the stigma that surrounds it. Hence, the first step in learning any topic is to get interested in it. As a student, you have to go out of the bounds of the textbooks. This includes reading up on the history associated with GCF and various fun facts. As your curiosity builds up, your level of engagement will automatically increase. It will help you to assimilate the topic at hand in a more effective manner. Additionally, you will also expand your general knowledge, which is always a plus.

    2. Play Games

    GCF has many properties that are associated with it. Understanding the reason behind the existence of these properties is important. However, having it ready at your fingertips for direct application to questions is equally as important. The best way to improve your speed and accuracy in solving GCF problems is by playing fun games with your friends. You can come up with creative ways to play educational games that not only improve your understanding of the concept but also make learning an enjoyable experience. It also works to develop interpersonal and communication skills amongst young minds that are heavily required when they work as a team.

    3. Approach a Good Coaching Class

    It is important to learn the concepts encompassed by GCF in a well-organized manner that can prove to be difficult for individuals. Hence, it is good practice to turn to a reliable institution such as Cuemath to get the required help. At Cuemath, the certified tutors focus on clearing concepts and building a solid mathematical foundation. They use several resources such as interactive puzzles, online worksheets, visual simulations, etc., to teach a lecture. Kids have the freedom to work at their own pace and enjoy learning Math. Thus, if you avail of a good tuition class, you will master the topic in no time.


    You can use the methods listed in this article to study GCF, or you can use them as guidelines and come up with your own fun ways to learn the topic. The goal is to instill a deep-seated knowledge of the subject, and good grades will eventually follow.

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