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    Added on 23 July
    One of youngest Indian billionaires puts his money down for Ola electric scooter livemint.com Ola had opened bookings for Ola Scooter from July 15 for a token sum of ₹499.Ola Scooter will be available in 10 colour options and is expected to be launche...

    Added on 21 July
    Pegasus: Why unchecked snooping threatens India's democracy bbc.com The Pegasus spyware revelations hint at the scale of electronic surveillance of India's citizens.

    Added on 21 July
    BYJU’S acquires US-based edtech startup Epic for $500M in one of the largest international acquisi... yourstory.com The acquisition is aimed to support BYJU'S larger strategy of bridging the learning gap, with BYJU'S looking to make $300 million in revenue from the US.

    Added on 17 July
    Everything you need to know about Professional Tax Professional tax is the tax that the State governments in India levied and collected.

    Added on 16 July
    Trademark Registration Procedure in India In simple words, trademarks are special unique signs that are used to identify goods or services from a certain company.

    Added on 08 July
    Partnership Firm Formation and Registration in India Two or more people when come together with a common idea of business by infusing the sources and funds together with the common goal of earning profit is termed as Partnership.

    Added on 08 July
    Basics of Income Tax for the Beginner’s Assessment Year 21-22 Paying the first income tax is a watershed moment in every citizen’s life. However, for a first-timer, the procedure can appear overwhelming and repetitive, and some of the words can be confusing.

    Added on 05 July
    Food License Registration Online in India Apply for FSSAI License with Food License Online! Get real deals, juicy terms and pay the charge at confect amounts. You can obtain your FSSAI license even before you get your Food order!

    Added on 03 July
    20 pictures that take you inside Sabyasachi Mukherjee's maximalist mansion in Kolkata vogue.in Sabyasachi Mukherjee's home in Kolkata reflects his love for art, textile and fashion—all in one place

    Added on 28 June
    Bitcoin becoming the new gold as Indians pour billions into crypto​ economictimes.indiatimes.com ​In India, where households own more than 25,000 tonnes of gold, investments in crypto grew from about $200 million to nearly $40 billion in the past year, ac...