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    Added on 22 October 2021

    Healthcare Tracking Apps that Promote Daily Well-being

    22 October 2021


    We live in a world full of movement and pace. Daily tasks, home chores, and other activities tightly stuff our schedules. Sometimes, there’s not even a tiny time slot to take a pause and breathe. But, at the end of the day, we might feel dizzy, experience headaches, have insomnia. Even, have no appetite, and have low stamina. Luckily, light cases are no rush to the doctor. But, if they happen frequently, it means you’re doing something wrong.

    Fortunately, our healthcare industry goes beyond medical institutions. Nowadays, we have smartphones, wearables, and other devices. These can track our well-being instead of us. How? Let’s find out!

    What apps track our daily well-being?

    Sleep trackers

    How can custom software track our sleep? First, it asks for your sleep information. For example, your usual sleep hours, weight, stress, health conditions. You will have to input this info for quite a while so that the algorithm could catch up with your lifestyle.

    Second, the app works while you sleep. It analyses your heartbeat via a wearable. Or it hears sounds and reacts to any movement via a smartphone or other device.

    Third, the sleep cycle has two phases - the light and the deep one. The deep phase may take up to 4 hours and is interchangeable with the light one. The app can wake you up exactly during the latter. It is easier for people to get up refreshed during the light phase. If you wake up during your deep sleep, you will feel tired throughout the day.

    Also, the app will give you useful tips on your perfect sleep routine. Digitally recorded data is critical for future sleep problems prevention.

    Habit tracker

    The best examples of a habit tracker are hydration, calorie count, and sports trackers.

    The water intake tracker requires inputting your height and current weight. Based on this information, the app will count the number of liters you have to drink daily. Dehydration is a hazardous condition that can lead to health deterioration. But, people still cannot make water intake their daily habit. It is easier to drink coffee, tea, soda, etc. Water seems hard to get used to. To ensure you'll take water during the day, the medical software offers insights. Did you know that we shouldn’t drink cold water in the morning? It should always be lukewarm, with a slice of lemon to taste better. I didn’t know that before. Give it a try!

    Calorie deficit, in its turn, may deprive you of the much-needed daily nutrients. That’s why it is great to always keep records of what you eat, when, and understand if it is healthy for you. The app will ask you to input your height, weight, digestion issues, or related symptoms. This is the basic info to count your daily amount of calories. What’s more, information about a daily healthy diet is available in the app. Eat healthily, stay healthy!

    Sports should be a habit. It is an activity that makes you healthier. If you have a job, where you sit or stand all the time, a morning or an evening workout might help. Choose a workout mode on your wearable. Then, track your pulse, SpO2, calories burnt. And, the time you spend working out. Also, it is possible to track how many steps you walk every day. Or carry out some breathing exercises. Life is healthier when you're active!

    Vitals trackers

    Vitals are your health system signs. These are your pulse, blood pressure, level of oxygen (SpO2), stress level, and others. For instance, you’ve drunk a cup of coffee and been feeling sick since then. So, you might need to check your blood pressure and pulse. If these are too high - no wonder why you're feeling blue.

    Another example is being irritated for quite a long time. You will experience a headache or, even, heartache. It would be great to check your stress level. If it’s more than 60 points, then you should have a rest. Your body gives you signs in a form of an ache when you need to relax. Good, that the healthcare software is on you!

    Your wearable can check vitals automatically during certain hours. Adjust the smartwatch to check vitals and set up a peak, going out of which the device will make a sound or buzz. Quite convenient!

    Symptom and pill trackers

    There are also apps that connect to wearables and notify you about your symptom changes. And, if there is a need to take pills for some time, the apps also notify you about intake timing.

    If you have a chronic condition, you should input information about this condition in the app. Fill in as much relevant info as required. The main thing here is that you need to input your symptoms manually and regularly. The algorithm will analyze data to produce predictions. Then, the app will send you alerts. These might be about mood changes, certain condition phases. Also, it will give tips on how to ease up symptoms.

    Pill trackers usually need an input of your prescribed pill name and the hours you should take it. Afterward, it will buzz every day until the treatment period is over. This is a great app if you take nutrient supplements and vitamins. If you happen to forget about them (and we all do that!) the app will send a reminder. What would we all do without this app?

    Period Trackers

    This tracker is just for women, but it should be praised in every single way. Before trackers became a part of healthcare app development, it was not common to track cycle. And, the hormonal changes at each period. Now, women are as prepared as they ever were. You start tracking your cycle by filling in the info for a couple of months. Then, the app’s algorithm starts making accurate cycle predictions.

    Besides menstruations, this tracker can show fertility days (ovulation). And, also, support an entire pregnancy. Just turn on the specific app mode, and, voila! Your women’s calendar is a fully functional pregnancy app.

    What I like most about this app is that it gives you tips occasionally. It notifies you via in-app messages that today your hormones may change and you will feel tired. Or, if you’re pregnant, it will give you all the information about your baby's growth inside of the womb.

    Final thoughts

    It is amazing that we get to live in a digital world and experience the benefits of healthcare solutions. Every tracking app is easy to upload and install. It is a private and personalized electronic health record. Of course, there are pros and cons to electronic health records. But, trackers definitely streamline patient management. And, speed up physicians' work.

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