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    Oddway International is a unique, global Pharmaceutical Wholesale Exporter from India as well as generic medicines wholesaler, supplier, distributors worldwide
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    Oddway International is the best supplier and distributor in USA, we, supply Hepatitis & Cancer drugs in different countries like USA, UK Chine, Russia, Asian country and many more from India, We are also More
    Added on 07 May 2018
    Xbira 250mg Abiraterone Price – Indian Zytiga – Prostate Cancer Major Breakthrough wholesalemedicationsexporter.wordpress.com Prostate Cancer is one of the most common cancers in men worldwide. About 1 man out of 9 is diagnosed with prostate cancer during his life. Prostate cancer deve...

    Added on 03 May 2018
    India is a home to world’s 14 most populated cities: WHO oddwayinternational.com Asthma is a dangerous chronic condition that occurs when a person’s airways constrict, swell and produce extra mucus....

    Added on 02 May 2018
    World Asthma Day 2018 !!!

    The theme for this year is 'Never too early, never too late. It's always the right time to address airways disease.'

    #WorldAsthmaDay #WorldAsthmaDay2018 #BeAware #Asthma #AsthmaSymptoms #AsthmaCauses
    World Asthma Day 2018: You Need To Know Everything About This Chronic Illness oddway-international-11.webself.net May 1st is commemorated as World Asthma Day in order to raise awareness about this chronic respiratory disease that is prevalent in children nowadays....

    Added on 01 May 2018
    Veenat Imatinib 100mg 400mg by Natco – Most Prominent Cancer Medicine from India wholesalemedicationsexporter.wordpress.com In the past, many people died of cancer, and this was not a curable disease. Earlier, due to the lack of proper treatment, people were worried about cancer. In ...

    Added on 28 April 2018
    Natdac Daclatasvir 60mg Price – Generic Daklinza In India Is Saving Lives wholesalemedicationsexporter.wordpress.com Generic variants of direct-acting antiviral medicines for the treatment of hepatitis C infections are cost-effective if savings in terms of improved life expect...

    Added on 24 April 2018

    Answer is YES! Gender indeed plays a big role in things like potency, side-effects, efficiency of a large range of medications.
    Do drugs work differently in men and women? oddwayinternational.com Gender plays a vital role in effects of a large range of medications. Certain antidepressants are more effective in women than men....

    Added on 23 April 2018
    Erlonat 150mg Erlotinib by Natco: Treating Cancer In China Is Affordable Now wholesalemedicationsexporter.wordpress.com Erlonat is a chemotherapeutic medication used to treat lung and pancreatic cancer. This medication falls into the category of anticancer medication called tyros...

    Added on 21 April 2018
    What makes smokers to gain weight after they quit smoking? oddwayinternational.com The general presumption is that weight gain post quitting smoking is not because of an increased craving of appetite but is a result of a change in the composit...

    Added on 20 April 2018
    Xbira 250 mg Abiraterone by Cipla - Making Lives Better oddway-international-11.webself.net Abiraterone is a hormone treatment - it belongs to a group of medicines called anti-androgens. This means that it can reduce the amount of male hormones (called...