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It is easy for many people to take their healthy teeth and perfectly aligned smile for granted. Aside from the regular washing and brushing most of us won’t give much thought to your teeth, until one day when they begin to ache.

Taking proper care of the teeth is a skill that we have learned as young children. Over time it is easy to cut corners and ignore proper dental hygiene. This is when serious trouble can begin, and where restorative dentistry can offer some important solutions.

What is Restorative Dentistry? This specialized branch of dentistry is focused on restoring the conditions of the teeth. There are several conditions that can develop from a little negligence, these include: Chipped Teeth, Displaced Teeth, Stained or discolored teeth, Gum disease, Missing teeth, Broken teeth.

These are all problems that can happen to the teeth due to regular wear and tear, poor dental care habits and accidents as well. These can affect the function and aesthetics of the teeth and it takes a dental professional to perform proper restorative dentistry. This is just one of the fine services we provide at Albany Dental.