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SMILE AVENUE FAMILY DENTISTRY is located at Cypress, Tx. We always try to treat our patient like a family.
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When you schedule an appointment with Dr. Patrick Vuong, you’re guaranteed a unique dental experience! With a genuine focus on preventive oral health education, Dr. Vuong helps his patients achieve long-term More
Dental Care For Patients With Special Needs: - Dentist Cypress TX - Patrick Vuong, DMD - Smile Avenu... smileavenuefamilydentistry.com Those with special health care needs require oral treatment like everyone else, but they benefit the most from seeing a dentist who specifically caters to these...

Try braces for your kids to gift them with a perfect smile for life | DR. PATRICK VUONG, DMD smileavenuefamilydentistry.com The only way to address this issue at such a tender age is to use dental braces. Braces used at an early stage, indeed becomes more effective.

Dr. Patrick Vuong and his team would always like to hearty welcome to their patient. Smile Avenue Family Dentistry welcome their patient in a such way to make them feel like home.

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