Digital Film Academy

    Digital Film Academy, also known in the industry as DFA, is a New York state-licensed school that specializes in Digital Filmmaking and Media education.
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    Our training academy in Digital Film & Media helps to prepare students to start their career either entry or advanced level based in New York state - licensed school Digital Film Academy. Our instructors More
    Added on 06 March 2019
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    Added on 21 January 2019
    If you are a beginner in #filmmaking, it is important that you do a rough cut of the #film in order to get the bigger sense of the film itself.
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    Added on 27 December 2018
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    Added on 26 November 2018
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    Added on 28 August 2018
    #Cinematographers work in different mediums including #television production, #film, and #broadcast #production. Aspiring cinematographers start their career as assisting #camera to become a successful #cinematographer
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    Added on 21 August 2018
    A good #cinematographer usually practices storyboarding of every shot throughout the #film
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