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    Added on 17 February 2023

    How to Effectively Promote Your Event Using Social Media and Other Online Tools

    17 February 2023

    Today's businesses know the full importance of having an online presence – but nowadays, it's not just about being present online – it's about how strong your presence is online. After all, everyone has a website, from large multinational corporations to small business startups, and there is a lot of competition to get noticed. The same is true if you are hosting an event, be it a product or company launch, a conference, or an exhibition or trade show – you would want to make sure that people – especially the relevant audience – hear about it and becomes interested enough to join in the fun. You could promote your event using traditional means, but that is so passé and done with! The trendy – and effective – thing to do would be to promote your event using social media. But how do you do it, and how do you do it right? Here's your guide to effectively promoting your event using social media and other online tools.

    • Create the ideal hashtag for your event

    If you have ever seen or noticed a hashtag, then you know exactly what we’re talking about. You have several options when creating a hashtag: it can be a phrase, a title, or a single word that follows a hashtag # sign. For instance, if you want to invite everyone to a funfair or fairground, you can create a hashtag such as #funfair___ (the place where you will hold your event). Of course, you have to make sure that you have all the unique rides and attractions, and it would make sense to have a funfair hire expert by your side – but at the same time, you'd want to promote the event to a relevant audience, and by creating a hashtag for it, you can create more awareness for it.

    You can use your event hashtag so your target audience can follow your posts, and you can create a niche of specific people who want to be part of your event. You can also increase engagement and enhance anticipation for your event. Once you have come up with an event hashtag, you can share it on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

    • Manage a Facebook event page

    Another way to effectively promote your event and create interest in it is to have an event page on Facebook. Facebook has Facebook Events, and you can use it to spread details and post useful information about your event. One of the best aspects of creating a Facebook event page is that it hardly costs a thing – it's a great tool because it can save you money while you promote your event at the same time. With a Facebook event page, you no longer have to send out invitations and pay for postage – and best of all, you can post about the event in real time, and your audience can see it right away.

    You can even select attendees to your event, so anyone invited can quickly respond and tell you whether they will make it or not or are still undecided. If you have special entertainment or speakers, a raffle, or a contest during your event, make sure to include this, as it will drum up more responses and interest from your invitees.

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